Another important point, compared to traditional methods, is the possibility of significantly reducing the number of images to load, which will have the effect of reducing the loading speed of web pages , which is a probable source of customer Tunisia Phone Number List dissatisfaction. With 3D modeling, you no longer need images. 3D models are lighter, simpler and cheaper to implement while providing a better shopping experience. Shoefitr , A startup from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, developed 3D imaging technology in 2010 to help consumers choose the right shoe size.

Shoefitr then tested the effects of this new tool on web customers in collaboration with an online shoe seller, Running Warehouse. The impact of this implementation was analyzed over 2 years. It was first observed that 65% of shoe returns were related to a sizing problem, which results in dissatisfied customers, missed sales opportunities, and also increases costs and resources to mobilize for operations. . With the adoption of the Shoefitr online sizing tool, Running Warehouse saw a 23% decrease in returns from sizing faults and its margin increased by 2.5%. 3D configurators combined with mass customization The configuration of 3D products is today one of the most marked trends thanks to the progress of 3D modeling and the growing demand for online product customization.

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Incorporate Changes To Their Models To Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends.

Lightweight and easy to implement In the past, brands that wanted to offer a possibility of customization had to present a large quantity of photos to cover all the possibilities: sizes, textures, colors … But this method is on the one hand relatively expensive and on the other hand the a large number of photos to load significantly slows down the loading time of web pages, thus greatly degrading the shopping experience. An infinite number of combinations with a single 3D model Now, with 3D product configuration, online merchants can literally offer their customers endless possibilities for customizing their products and most importantly, they can test them all through 3D visualization.

Source: Edenly configurator and visualizer of 3D jewelry. Read more about this client’s project here. Many types of products from footwear to individual homes can be configured using these technologies. 3D configurators have great flexibility allowing customers to customize the product with an infinite number of solutions. A range of products presented in a classic way will never mark the spirits as much as put forward with a 3D configuration solution. Agile However, when pursuing the objective of addressing consumers with varied profiles and needs, it is important to make sure to work with product configurators who will minimize production costs while ensuring high satisfaction levels are generated. customer.

These Models Can Also Be Very Useful In Testing Consumer Acceptance Of A Product

Source: Guerlain has adopted customization and 3D visualization technologies, offering its customers the possibility of easily appropriating the entire Rouge G collection and of personalizing their product according to their own tastes. Guerlain recently ran a digital marketing campaign about its most famous lipstick collection. They integrated the Hapticmedia 3D configurator allowing customers to customize their product by combining 38 shades with 22 housings. The conversion rate of this page of the website has since increased by 200% compared to other pages.

Another example, the boat manufacturer Zodiac Nautic has also implemented a 3D configurator for one of its products. In just 2 years, this product represents 50% of the brand’s sales. The future of 3D modeling in e-commerce Many companies have already increased their turnover thanks to 3D modeling According to Cappacity, 82% of visitors to a product page activate the 3D view if the option is available, and 34% then spend more than 30 seconds manipulating the 3D product. This technology is therefore a formidably effective method of capturing customer attention and increasing the conversion rate . At the same time, the 360-degree product view brings many benefits to the customer.

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