Once all the aspects are combined and the customer is satisfied, she can order and pay with just a few clicks. Get rid of the heaviness of the shoot while delivering a better and faster EU As a marketing manager, you are well placed to know the enormity of the resources required by the product shoots , in time and money . This is exactly why Portugal Phone Number List Vogue Italia recently replaced all photos with illustrations for its January 2020 issues . Emanuele Farneti, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, summed up this logic perfectly in a statement detailing the resources devoted to the magazine’s fashion editorials: “One hundred and fifty people involved. About twenty flights and ten train journeys.

Forty cars waiting. Sixty international deliveries. Lights on for at least ten hours continuously, partly powered by gasoline generators. Food waste from catering services. Plastic for wrapping clothes. Electricity to recharge phones, cameras… ” Of course, this is not the end of marketing campaigns. But thanks to 3D visualization, marketers have found an alternative to filming and photo shoots. Computer generated images may be modified as product specifications change. It is therefore very easy to generate large numbers of simulations : different versions of the products can be added, deleted or updated via software without having to make new series of photos.

Portugal Phone Number List

This System Is Therefore Not Infallible In Such Situations.

3D visualization tool of Guerlain perfume allowing users to create their signature elements: engraving of their initials and choice of size, color, accessories etc. Solution created by Hapticmedia . Ready to use 3D visualization like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to get higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! This is what we did with Guerlain. With 3D viewing software, any time the brand wants to launch a new color or collection, it can be done digitally in much less time than it would take for a team of photographers to organize a shoot. of views. In addition, cloud solutions improve security and page speed. When properly designed, 3D viewers are much lighter than standard images because they are only based on a few lines of code, with no images, no plugins.

Drive customer engagement through mass online personalization. Mass customization makes manufacturing processes more flexible to adapt production to the desires of each customer. It’s about combining customization and mass production to make the manufacturing system more profitable. In this way, a higher level of satisfaction can be achieved as each customer receives a product that meets their desire to own unique and distinctive items. Consumers appreciate the concept of mass personalization. The growing craze for made-to-measure is reflected in the increase in purchase requests . 25-30% of consumers show a strong interest in purchasing such products , making it a huge market for potential entrants .

To Them With A Maximum Of Information, There Is Always A Possibility Of Feedback Or Dissatisfaction .

3D visualization empowers consumers and offers them a proactive role in co-designing products that are better suited to their lifestyles and requirements. By choosing their favorite designs, colors, materials, accessories, engraving and personal messages, potential buyers can now tailor everything to their style and personality, from luxury leather goods and furniture to watches, cars and watches. chandeliers! In addition, this technology allows customers to preview the product in 360 ° , interact with it, rotate it, zoom in, zoom out and analyze every detail so that they can immediately make changes if necessary. Once everything is adjusted and the customer is satisfied, they can order and pay with a few clicks. How to use 3D visualization in marketing and is it worth it?

2 This 3D bag configurator by Lolo Chateney and Hapticmedia allows mass customization online. A good example is the project Hapticmedia did for Lolo Chatenay, a bag maker who encourages customers to be imaginative and create items that showcase their unique fashion sense . And experience has shown that 3D viewing software increases conversion rates and decreases cart abandonment rates . Offer consumers the benefits of virtual try-on technology. The inability to fully understand the product and try it out is highly responsible for a large number of cart abandonments, high levels of returns, and the associated transportation and restocking costs.

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