To conclude on the referencing of images By following these simple tips, you will optimize the SEO and positioning of your images. If the results are not there, an audit of your website will certainly highlight blocking points. Find out more: the future in the search for images will also depend on the quality of these, the progress of the engines New Caledonia Email List will eventually allow the identification of a blurry photo! Update : 02/07/2017, Why oppose natural referencing (SEO) and paid referencing (SEA)? What are the differences and possible complementarities between these two types of SEO? ZEN READING Paid SEO Vs Natural SEOUpdated October 20, 2021 Before the match “Paid SEO Vs SEO” , let’s start by reviewing the two competitors.

The term SEO is actually an analogy between the terms SEO and Positioning: Referencing: all the actions necessary for indexing and recording the pages of a website in the databases of search engines, starting with Google. Positioning : all the optimization techniques necessary to improve the ranking of the pages of a website in search results on targeted keywords. While we use the term “natural referencing” , the English use the acronym ” SEO ” for Search Engine Optimization . The term SEO is both more relevant and more meaningful, once the translation is done, obtaining us: optimization of its site for search engines, and for Google in particular. SEO is ultimately nothing very natural.

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Natural Referencing Or Even Seo

SEO natural referencing Natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) brings together all the techniques allowing a page to be positioned as high as possible in the results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) . Natural referencing makes it possible to capture targeted visitor traffic thanks to the choice of your keywords. The goal of natural referencing is therefore to position pages of your site in the Top 10 on Google on keywords deemed relevant. A relevant keyword defining itself as potentially profitable, either through increased traffic, sales or conversions into customers. The goal having been set, all that remains is for the SEO officer to deploy the levers at his disposal to achieve it, here is a non-exhaustive list.

The right targeting of keywords to work on, Optimization of the structure and tree structure of the website, The quality of the site’s coding, Optimizing the writing of text content , Netlinking (the number and quality of inbound links) , The competitive advantages of SEO: The main advantage of natural referencing is its sustainable nature , it allows you to capitalize on the work done and strengthen the visibility of a site over the long term. Another advantage of SEO is its Multi-media dimension with Google, Bing and Yahoo, Ask, … The disadvantages of SEO: The first results of SEO work take at least a few weeks to a few months before being felt, this inertia will be all the more important when putting a freshly created site online. This temporality makes natural referencing unsuitable for obtaining good short-term visibility.

Paid Referencing Also Called Sea

In-depth SEO work for a website often requires significant changes if it was not optimized for SEO when it was created. The provision of optimized content, the search for quality inbound links and almost all “SEO” actions require skills, time and regular monitoring.  Paid referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a quick method of acquiring presence and notoriety on search engines and on Google in particular. The principle of SEA is simple, it simply consists of buying keywords from the Google search engine via the Google Adwords advertising network . Paid referencing therefore allows, with some financial means, to position itself very quickly on the first page of Google results.

Google AdWords LOGO The advantages of paid referencing: The main advantage is to be able to be first on Google on the keywords of your choice, and those as soon as your website goes live. It also allows you to quickly develop your notoriety. The other advantage is to keep control of your image and your presence on Google. The disadvantages of SEA: The biggest disadvantage of paid SEO is its cost! Count at least € 5 per day (minimum recommended for a campaign) and some keywords can exceed € 10 per click! Some companies spend several thousand dollars a day. Another drawback, as soon as your campaign is stopped, you disappear from the search results.

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