To learn more, do not hesitate to read this article .Tip 8: improve the netlinking and notoriety of your web pages Successful SEO also depends on a multitude of external criteria unrelated to the source code of your website. We find there: the history of your website, the age of the domain name , the behavior of visitors to your internet, These and other external criteria affect your final positioning. And among them, the historical criterion Nauru Email List of netlinking retains great importance in the eyes of search engines. linking-target-mesh Obtaining good inbound links to the right pages remains an avenue to explore to improve your SEO. Be careful, however, the Google Penguin algorithm turns things upside down. And vigilance is required in establishing link exchanges and in choosing backlinks .

Tip 9: opt for paid referencing if necessary Optimizations in terms of natural referencing are not always easy to implement. They regularly impose a necessary step by the partial or total overhaul of your website . This is often the case for a showcase site whose only function is the presentation of your company. In this specific case or in the context of promotions or news, opt for a double referencing strategy in order to obtain maximum visibility. google adwords paid referencing SEO and positioning allow you to capitalize your audience over the long term. On the other hand, the purchase of commercial links of the adwords type immediately enhance the value of your site’s pages in exchange for remuneration. A paid campaign represents a complementary source of traffic, oriented and according to your needs.

Nauru Email List

Sessions From Google Images.

Tip 10: avoid all SEO pitfalls The interest of reading all the rules and especially the last one is the following: all your efforts to respect the first 9 will be reduced to nothing if you: use tons of scripts that can block bots or limit access to certain web pages, abuse poorly referenced languages ​​and technologies like Flash and JavaScript. do not follow certain rules recommended by Google at the risk of being considered a fraudster. The sanctions are numerous and long-lasting. In conclusion To succeed in the referencing of your website, the respect of these 10 tips is essential. You will gain visibility on Google and enter into a positioning process. The objective always remains the same: to gain visibility and ensure qualified and sustainable traffic .

Now that you have all the keys to optimize your meta tag, monitor your CTR and do not hesitate to contact us to support you in your SEO strategy .Positioning test results: Keyword: website redesign Lyon: 1 st Paris: 1 st Brest: 1 st Compiègne: 1 st Keyword: web agency Lyon: 8 th Paris: 16 th Brest: 9 th Compiègne: 2 nd sreenshoot positioning on google request website redesign parisScreenshot: Google positioning result on the website redesign request, search located in Paris. Conclusion of the test: We clearly observe a homogeneity of the positioning results on the keyword website redesign, this keyword is therefore not sensitive to the position of the user. On the other hand, on the keyword web agency, the positions are sensitive to the location of the Internet user.

Google Images Has Changed , Websites Are No Longer Displayed In The Background.

cThis variation is rather logical, a web agency being a place, Google will favor web agencies close to the Internet user, the positioning of the anthedesign site on these requests is to the credit of a strong SEO optimization . To conclude on “manual” positioning tests From experience, very few website owners know the exact position of their web pages in Google search results, very often the positions advertised correspond to those of a regular visitor, so they are excellent! Unfortunately, once the browser cache is cleared, the positions are often worse than those initially advertised.

6 | A specific sitemap for images Once all your images are optimized, you can submit a sitemap for the images through the Google Search Console interface . 7 | Image caption The caption of the image corresponds to the text displayed under the image. It does not bring any direct added value in terms of referencing. It can, on the other hand, be useful for the user experience ! The legend brings content around the image and helps to take care of the context. 8 | Long description Like the caption, the long description of your image is not read by Google directly, it is, on the other hand, very useful for attachment pages. It is also a formidable SEO lever for portfolio type sites or sites dedicated to photography.

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