content and the share counts on each of the top 5 social networks Identify the top 2-3 social. Networks your target audience is sharing content on. In our example, it appears Nepal Phone Number that Scary Mommy’s audience is sharing mainly on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest based on Nepal Phone Number the numbers. Step 4: Take that intel back to your Sumo dashboard, open Share, and go to Nepal Phone Number Settings. Drag only the 2-3 most popular networks you just identified to Selected Services: Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Step

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Save yourself massive amounts of time and headache by giving away a 5-minute eBook with your content for a 70%+ conversion rate. Sumo-Sized Guides are the most comprehensive free resources on the internet about a particular marketing topic. But they’re 10,000 word guides. That’s Nepal Phone Number a gigantic guide. So instead of creating a brand new content upgrade, why not put the guide in an eBook and allow the reader to download it for keeps – and for free? Turns out this was damn effective. Get a load of this conversion rate on our Welcome Mat for the eBook: Screenshot showing

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Conversion rate for a Sumo popup And how about this Click Trigger. Screenshot showing conversion rate for a Sumo popup The average conversion rate on a. Welcome Mat is, and the average List Builder form converts at so I’d say we’re doing pretty well. Not only did our readers obviously really want the eBook, but it also saved us a shit-ton of time to create. A whole new content upgrade for the post. It’s as simple as copy, paste, format, and capture.

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