On the right side of the screen, we see the other woman accomplish the same tasks faster and easier, using modern products. Latvia Phone Number. Through this strategy, OxiClean portrays fond memories of the past while showing how far their products have come. Takeaway: Consider the demographics of your target audience – their age, gender, education level, etc. will help you determine which decades and cultural trends are most likely to trigger nostalgia. YouTube Advertising Tip Be Original. Latvia Phone Number. When something is out of the ordinary, it requires special attention. Have you ever seen a David Lynch movie? Or Birdman ? Or Memento ? They all feature super weird, convoluted stories that just don’t seem to add up, making you walk out of the theater thinking “what the just happened?!”

Screen We See the Other Woman Latvia Phone Number

As a result, these films stand out in our minds. You can use a similar strategy when creating video ads. Now, I’m not advocating that you go completely cutting edge with your YouTube ads. Instead, try to implement unique and original aspects that will help these ads stand out to viewers. Check out the Latvia Phone Number GoPro example below. It’s nothing revolutionary: attach a GoPro camera to a skateboarder and watch the sights. However, there is a wacky caveat: the rider is Didga, a skate cat. Come on, I know you’re wondering how the hell this cat learned to skateboard…and how he stayed…yeah, you won’t forget this ad for a while.

Accomplish the Same Tasks Faster and Easier Latvia Phone Number

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Takeaway: If your YouTube ad concept seems boring, try adding just one weird twist. In summary Of course, all of the videos above are from big companies that presumably spent a pretty penny developing these ads. Latvia Phone Number. That said, what sets them apart isn’t amazing videography or celebrity endorsements. Instead, it’s the stories they tell. Whatever your budget, the best way to make your mark in the YouTube. Latvia Phone Number. advertising game is to create a narrative that truly connects with audiences. Much like the audiences you hope to target on Facebook and Twitter, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing.

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