While operating systems today almost all have their own personal assistant that allows owners of an electronic device to interact directly with their machine through voice search, what impact does voice search have on the results provided? by Google?According to a 2014 survey published on the Google blog, 55% of teenagers and 41% of  Somalia Email List American adults already used voice search at least once a day. Because its use is constantly evolving in the United States and now in Europe, more and more successful personal assistants have arrived on the market.

The web giant Google and its smart speaker Google Home sold all over the world illustrates this point very well. This growing use of voice search is therefore becoming an important criterion for website owners to take into account. Indeed, there is a real impact on the results provided by Google. The results of voice searches very often differ from those of a manual search. The evolution of artificial intelligence , but also of the uses of voice search are leading to changes in the results provided by Google. Voice search changes the results because the queries spoken by voice are longer and more precise.

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The growing use of voice search

One of the consequences of formulating grammatically well-constructed sentences is the lag with the short manual search. Manual searches are indeed characterized by the addition of keywords. In addition, it allows requests to be made without any spelling errors and with accents. But it also generates certain misunderstandings. Indeed, the voice requests are not always fully assimilated by the machine. What are the impacts on SEO work? Because voice search encourages users to communicate with their personal assistants almost like a real conversation, search engine queries become unique and thus push the trend of keyword decline.

The end of the reign of the keyword, without its complete abandonment, thus leaves a place for a content which wants to be more and more in phase with the natural formulation of a question. Question and answer sites, often presented in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) thus logically appear in the first results of the Google search engine after a voice search . The zero positions or featured snippets are also preferred and placed in a strong position following a voice search, share their answer to a specific question. What to remember from voice search The SEO optimization work must then aim for a zero position.

What changes voice search on results?

It must also focus on shaping the request by rich and qualitative content . This content must indeed cover a whole semantic universe in order to be able to answer the precise questions of Internet users.LOGO High Council for equality between women and men Last January, it was the newspaper Le Monde , among others, that adopted inclusive writing by implementing a certain number of rules for writing all of one of its supplements. A few months earlier, it was Microsoft Word word processing software that included a new inclusive writing option in its update. Others then also followed this path towards equality …

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