Most often, “Ok Google” is used for directions or more widely for information. That said, the command allows you to do a lot more, which has made life a little bit easier for users on a daily basis. Result: more and more Internet users are taking part in it, with all that that implies in terms of SEO . We take stock. The rise of voice SEO The more and more frequent use of voice assistants like Ok Google has given rise to what is now called ” voice SEO “. It is also considered the latter as the future of Internet research. Hence the need to adapt to it. According to a study conducted in 2019 by Microsoft, 72% of Internet users use voice search on a daily basis through voice assistants .

A little closer to home, in France, we are witnessing a real boom in the market for connected speakers such as Ok Google: voice control which is soaring, Amazon Echo or even Home Pod. ok google boom voice search At this level, a study by GFK  Hong Kong Email List France estimates the number of speakers sold in 2018 in France at 600,000. The use of voice assistants such as “Ok Google” is not left out. Oh no! Since another Search Foresight study has shown that nearly 60% of French people use voice search to find information on the web. To say that Ok Google voice control is a game-changer when it comes to queries is an understatement. Let’s dig into the subject in a little more detail.

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Concretely, what should be done?

Voice search differs from traditional search in that the user interacts with the machine as they would a human. In other words, by asking well-formulated questions. This has several implications. First of all, the request will naturally be longer. Hence the need to work on long-tail keywords for your SEO , favoring interrogative adverbs. Voice search also requires giving clear and short answers, to better adapt to the needs of the user. This is because we generally expect “straightforward” answers to our questions. The clarification phase only occurs when we express an interest in the subject.  The idea is to create “conversational” type content, which strives to answer the Internet user’s questions in the manner of a dialogue.

One way to do this is to capture questions that are likely to be asked by users in your content. The next step is to answer them in a simple and concise way. To illustrate our point, an example is appropriate: a user launches Ok Google and asks “How to use a microwave oven?” “. Ideally, the title of your content should take up, word for word, the user’s question, and answer it immediately in a short and simplified manner. This is a huge privilege since it propels you to the top of Google voice searches. The Featured Snippet: an essential tool in voice SEO The Featured Snippet is defined as the highlighted insert at the top of Google search results. You can usually find it under the heading “  position 0  ”. The voice assistant automatically reads a request benefiting from this functionality.

Ok Google: what does that imply for your SEO?

But how do you achieve Featured Snippet  ? To benefit from this big advantage, you must make sure to adapt your content to voice SEO using the methods mentioned throughout this article. What you must remember The birth of voice SEO marks the beginning of a new turning point in the digital revolution . This SEO technique should not be overlooked, as it enhances the success of SEO. By respecting the instructions mentioned above, you have every chance on your side to be read by an artificial intelligence .Another plus: reduced costs and backend charges . Caching allows you to respond to the maximum number of operations, access or exit. Database costs are more reasonable. In the case where the primary database is billed by debit, the reduction rate can go up to 12%.

On the other hand, the database read load is redirected to memory. Therefore, the risk of crash or crash decreases. Tags Keep up to date with the latest web design trends. But above all, make your site responsive  ! More than two-thirds of Google searches are done on smartphones. If your support is not suitable for all screen resolutions, so many potential customers are going elsewhere. Develop your notoriety with relevant netlinking Another way to optimize your natural referencing is to place quality backlinks on blogs or friends sites, which deal with the same topic. Do not hesitate to contact other web entrepreneurs to offer them to write a guest article, in which you will include a backlink. Make sure your host has a solid reputation just like you .

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