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Surmesur, a brand of customizable men’s clothing, solved this problem by encouraging customers to make an online appointment with a styling advisor to determine if their purchase meets their expectations. This article on the topic “2D VS 3D” compares – by their impact on the conversion rate and customer engagement – the two most popular methods for presenting products on online e-commerce platforms: images 2D and 3D models. E-commerce continues to grow in popularity The number of online consumers is now estimated at more than 2 billion .

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This Is Why Online Sales Companies Must Be Agile

This is almost 25% of the world’s population, and the trend remains strongly upward. It is also estimated that online sales will exceed 17.5% of total sales in the merchant sector before the end of 2021. This insolent growth of e-commerce can be attributed mainly to the comfort it brings to consumers. You can shop anywhere, anytime, whenever you want. E-commerce platforms offer customers an opportunity to access a wide variety of products that meet their needs almost instantly. Therefore, it greatly speeds up the purchasing process . According to a study, 35.7% of online consumers say they practice this mode of purchase to save time and energy; 53.9% of these consumers say they appreciate the comfort offered by direct home delivery.

Images and e-commerce Consumers appreciate high-quality 2D images It is still today the most common practice used by e-commerce platforms to present their products and generate interest. Brands have also invested millions to succeed in offering Internet users online sales websites with ever shorter loading times while retaining the use of high definition photos. However, the lack of sensory experience of 2D images is slowing the development of online commerce However, when they consume using images, online consumers report feeling a lesser value on the sensory experience , compared to their shopping experiences at physical points of sale.

The E-commerce Industry Is Constantly At The Forefront Of The Dynamics Of Changing Trends, Regardless Of The Sector.

Particularly because these conventional 2D images do not offer a holistic approach to the aspects of the product and its characteristics, thus limiting the potential interest of the customer who does not easily perceive the benefits that the product can offer him. It is also often for this reason that consumers cannot find the exact answer to their needs by shopping online. Compared to a physical shopping experience, the customer does not perceive a sense of satisfaction or of need immediately. Product uncertainty persists: details, adjustments, customization Gaining consumer confidence in the product’s ability to meet their criteria and meet their expectations is therefore one of the main challenges.

This is perhaps still one of the “limiting” factors which continues to prevent the e-commerce sector, which is already growing well – from progressing even faster . The difficulty in gaining consumer confidence poses other problems, such as, for example, the increase in the time it takes to make the purchase or the marketing costs that this entails.Online sales players spend an enormous amount of time and money on marketing actions, they seek to establish a relationship of trust with customers over the long term. Even when they do, however, that relationship cannot substitute for the company’s ability to deliver products that exactly meet its customers’ needs. This is all the more true when it comes to business sectors offering complex or customizable products such as bags, jewelry or luxury accessories. In these areas, having this ability becomes absolutely essential.

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