According to a 2017 Kantar Media report, Chinese consumers have for years been open to playing a bigger role in delivering content for the brands they love . In 2017, the brand explored the creativity of its consumers by launching a WeChat HTML5 campaign that allowed users to create looks, using products from the platform. This project registered over 8,000 clicks in the first week after launch. As all parts of the user-generated content were available for sale, the campaign generated good financial results. 5. Generation Z Gucci has proven that engaging Gen Z is a tactic that works . Farfetch appears to be on the same page, as the platform’s marketing strategy for China targets Gen Z members.

In April 2021, the brand launched its first cross-marketing campaign. “Trendy Season”, a collaboration with the Alibaba Tmall Soho Live chain and the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Tmall Luxury Pavilion, has enabled the brand to launch more than 50,000 new products from some of the favorite designers of Generation Z, such as AMBUSH, Marine Serre and Y / Project. The initiative was developed with the help of influencers popular with young people. This tactic is based on one observation: young digital native buyers are interested in carefully selected items from niche designers who respect their aesthetic values.

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Targeting Generation Z in particular, the campaign was so successful that it garnered word of mouth and positive responses. 6. Virtual try A brand born with digital technology, Farfetch has positioned itself as an innovator who invests heavily in new technologies such as virtual fitting . In 2020, during the first summer of COVID-19, as consumers used online shopping to deal with anxiety caused by the pandemic, Farfetch was the first luxury e-commerce platform to launch a try-on feature. virtual, available on the brand’s iOS application. This gave consumers a new shopping experience, where they could actually see how different Off-White sneakers fit them.

It has increased conversions and reduced returns. This makes shopping more fun and engaging as it allows app users to discover and play with the products, as well as generate content for their social networks. The launch was such a success that media channels around the world mentioned the premiere, praising Farfetch for its innovative spirit. Farfetch’s digital strategy: convincing results The success of the platform’s digital strategy is reflected in its financial results. In 2020, turnover increased by 64%. By understanding its audience, assuming its role as an innovator and attracting high-end consumers through technologies such as virtual fitting and augmented reality, the company has succeeded in boosting loyalty, word of mouth and income.

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Contact us: augmented reality, virtual fitting, personalization Hapticmedia has over 15 years of expertise in immersive technologies including 3D visualization, personalization and configuration, engraving, augmented reality, virtual fitting, and is supported and covered by LVMH, Forbes, Les Echos, Le Point, BFMTV. Consult our client projects here with Gerlain, Kenzo, Baume & Mercier , Baccarat, Edenly or contact us now to see the concrete improvement we will bring to you..It is necessary in the innovation process that we undertake, because it is this confidence that drives our teams to be reactive and creative. It is this same confidence that allows the expression of the audacity that characterizes us.

In the end, it is our ability to question that makes us reactive and allows us to adapt to the reality of the market.It is the trust placed by our customers that has enabled us to develop our business expertise, our knowledge of the sector and our ability to co-create. Finally, it is our daring that allows us to innovate and create value. All these aspects combined form values, which are important to us, and make our identity. Our support: The key word in our customer relationship is proximity. Everything is done directly with the specialist of each part of the project. The privileged interlocutor remains our sales representative, who has an eye on the progress of the project from start to finish and ensures its proper execution.

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