Image credit : RedValentino 2018 spring campaign Image credit : See by Chloé 2020 campaign In this “premiumisation” approach, the big luxury players have all or almost all launched lines of small accessories, in order to allow consumers to afford their Armenia WhatsApp Number List share of their dreams. Thus, while Chanel watches and bags are considered luxury items, its glasses, intended for the upper middle class, distributed in partner networks at more affordable prices, are more like premium products. Only, once luxury becomes accessible, can it still assert itself as luxury? To this question, Bastien Vincent and Kapferer , authors of “Luxe oblige” are categorical: “ rarity and luxury are consubstantial .

As soon as luxury becomes more democratic, it loses its attribute of rarity, separates itself from its essence and risks becoming vulgar ”. From customer to guest, from product to experience Those who say that luxury has changed explain this in particular by the fact that its consumers today seek an experience before a product. But hasn’t that always been the case since luxury became luxury? Image credit: LVMH , Louis Vuitton inauguration place Vendôme If the emotional dimension is associated with experience, then traditional brands have long ticked all the boxes; their products being designed with a hedonistic and sensual approach. On the other hand, the passage from modern luxury to contemporary luxury has changed the vision of the big houses towards their customers.

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The snobbery they displayed in the 1980s is now giving way to a customer-centric approach. In this sense, the experience provided requires going beyond the excellence and quality of goods, to position oneself on the notions of well-being and satisfaction. The buying journey becomes more experiential and omnichannel. The shops are scripted like the Louis Vuitton showcase Place Vendôme in Paris, opened at the end of 2017 and designed as an immersive and inspirational museum, with the integration of around thirty works of art over 4 floors. Image credit: Paris Capitale The customer, now called guest, is welcomed in a privileged way.

He is accompanied by an advisor responsible for passing on the brand’s experience to him. At the same time, a real storytelling is built around each product which reinforces the impression of acquiring an exceptional piece. This shift from the product to the experience is confirmed by a 2021 Boston Consulting Group study , concluding that experiential luxury – starred restaurants, prestigious cruises, exclusive tourist stays – today generates the majority of the industry’s revenue. luxury. The remainder comes from sales of material goods. There is therefore a need for traditional luxury to succeed in this transition from product to experience.

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For this, brands can count on a powerful ally: digital. At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, some houses have extended the physical store on their website by setting up virtual meetings, allowing customers to interact with video experts. Gucci has notably created personalized virtual experiences, with a simulation of a luxury store and presentation of the various items on the screen. Image credit: Vogue business For its part, The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts group stepped up digital initiatives last year. On its mobile application, it has, for example, integrated a chat to reduce physical interactions with the staff of its establishments to manage reservations, transfers to airports or to order room service from their phone.

Image credit: Four seasons Hotels Build an inspiring mythology Image credit : Yves Saint-Laurent movie poster With the “democratization of luxury”, new brands are trying to find a place in the sun of the big houses. For this, they must in turn succeed in creating an exciting story to succeed in establishing themselves alongside their elders. Indeed, in this area, the latter have a head start. Chanel or Yves Saint-Laurent , to name a few, have been able to build a very strong mythology around their name and their creator-founder, which gives them the ability to create a sincere and authentic bond with their client. Image credit : Coco avant Chanel movie poster Luxury is thus characterized by an inherited know-how, which makes the prestige and reputation of a brand.

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