Sellers and Brand Ambassadors, for example, are a great starting point for live streaming as they already know the brand vision, products, new launches, and key differentiators that can be used to engage and convert. the users. On the  Kuwait WhatsApp Number List  other hand, in China, live streaming of CEOs is gaining popularity . Baidu CEO Yanhong Li introduced the audience to the brand’s new live streaming platform. The presentation was so successful that the company’s market value reached $ 12 billion. What was obviously peculiar in this case was that the CEO of Baidu was already known to Chinese consumers.

Therefore, be careful when looking for the right person, who will additionally need to be charismatic, talkative and able to connect with viewers. Ensure sufficient stocks and stand ready to fill orders Developing and deploying a marketing campaign is great, but in direct commerce consumers want delivery almost as fast as their act of purchase. It is therefore essential to ensure that all orders can be fulfilled and delivered on time. One trick is to stream live based on inventory and after verifying that the supply chain is fully reliable.

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The Difference Is That The Tool Harnesses

Live streaming is effective not only for products, but also for services and events A while back, Gucci streamed its Spring 2020 show live on Weibo, which has so far garnered 22 million views, including replay . During the session, 179,000 viewers posted a comment and the likes totaled 421,000. This type of online content may well be the solution to the global travel ban. Additional technology to add value to your live streams Brands are using live streaming to draw attention to their products and services, but this tactic should fit into a more sustainable user experience.

For example, 3D configuration technology which can fit perfectly into live sessions and greatly increase conversions. Guerlain 3D lipstick configurator in cooperation with Hapticmedia . 3D Product Configurators allow customers to create their own unique personalized product. They allow companies to attract and retain their buyers, while positioning them as creative brands that know how to offer memorable shopping experiences. It is common knowledge that companies today establish partnerships with influencers to endorse their brands and place their products on the latter’s channels (social networks, sites or blogs).

 The Power Of It To Create A Database, Establish A Set Of Rules, Automate The Calculation Process,

Brands in certain sectors are particularly interested in this strategy, including luxury , lifestyle, beauty, travel, cuisine, finance, health and wellness. ! [(/ uploads / tan-kaninthanond-QppNPIVhKa8-unsplash (2) .jpg) This is possible because influencers are able to impact consumer behavior and purchasing decisions through their charisma, authority and credibility. It is a combination of testimonial advertising and contamination that allows companies to capitalize on the trust and reputation of their endorsers. Social media and influencers are shaking up the marketing landscape.

Social media has succeeded in removing the very expensive “middleman”. Social media has succeeded in cutting out costly “middlemen” by encouraging individuals to create their own content and bring communities together. New actors no longer need to be selected by casting or go through an authority to be validated as influencers. So approval is no longer limited to celebrities who cost a fortune, but extends to everyone who knows how to make their voices heard: key opinion leaders. From now on, it is less a question of adapting to the standards imposed by the industries but rather of providing coherent and attractive content to a global audience .

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