Engraving increases the willingness to pay. Research shows that 57.2% of millennials said they would pay more for personalized luxury goods , while only 7.6% said they wouldn’t. Indeed, customers know that creating a signature product that incorporates their own contribution involves higher costs, but they are willing to pay if the end result meets their tastes and quality standards. Engraving drives engagement and generates content. Consumers like to interact with products to better understand them and for entertainment. Moreover, when the product is showcased by digital visualization tools, it becomes worthy of posting on social media.

Guerlain encourages consumers to fully explore objects using interactive 3D technology and online engraving. Ready to use 3D Configuration Iceland WhatsApp Number List Technology like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to increase conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! Engraving humanizes the brand. In addition to offering a personalized shopping experience that increases customer satisfaction, engraving elicits emotions and associations that increase consumers’ attachment to the brand and strengthen the bond. In the long term, this technique generates very effective word of mouth . A versatile technique that ends up converting the public.

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The opportunity to engrave and personalize a product triggers the ” must have “, a kind of feeling of inevitability that motivates the consumer to take the act of buying. Indeed, current buyers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, have a strong desire to express their personal uniqueness through unique style and items. Engraving for e-commerce leads to even better conversion rates when supported by 3D viewing technology. Since in most cases engraved products cannot be returned, consumers have an acute need for viewing to ensure that the items look good and match their uniqueness of style. The 3D visualization and configuration technology makes it possible to follow in real time the changes of the product, to see it from different angles,

Concrete examples of the adoption of engraving for e-commerce. Sensitive to the power of personalization, luxury brands contacted Hapticmedia to identify and implement the best embossing solutions for their products. Here are a few examples that will make it clear exactly what we did and how. Guerlain: Rouge G lipstick and Flacon aux Abeilles perfume For our first Guerlain project, we created a 3D configurator that allows e-buyers to customize the iconic Rouge G available on Guerlain’s D2C platform. In order to achieve the desired results, we have implemented a visualization tool that allows customers to choose shades and metal cases from a variety of options, as well as add personalized messages which are then engraved.

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This initiative was so popular that it significantly increased conversions and prompted Guerlain management to also adopt this technology for its signature perfume, Flacon aux Abeilles , a series of beautiful objects that can be personalized through customization and engraving. Baume: fully customizable luxury watches When Richemont, which brings together big names like Cartier, Mont Blanc, Van Cleef & Arpels, launched the digitally native brand Baume which offers fully customizable luxury watches , a 3D configurator allowing engraving naturally appeared essential. To enable clear viewing of the watch both on the internet and on the wrist, Hapticmedia has designed a 3D configurator that offers buyers a series of customization options.

Needles, bracelets, dial, case, engraving etc., the customer can choose between more than 2000 possible combinations! Once the personalization process is completed, customers can see the end result on their own wrist using an NFC bracelet through Augmented Reality technology. It’s a great way to boost user generation of content that helps increase brand awareness and popularity. to zoom back and forth, as well as to add text or initials by playing on different styles and font sizes.

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