They are not, however, prolific in traffic. Those of short tail, on the other hand, are, but without guaranteeing you a good convertibility if they are very competitive. SEO in 2021 will likely be marked by a revolution in mobile search. Sites that have anticipated with a digital strategy focused on mobile satisfaction will have succeeded. Indeed, mobile devices are increasingly used for research to the detriment of traditional computers. This is one of the reasons why Google has hammered home the importance of mobile website indexing in 2021. Otherwise, if your site is not optimized for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), its SEO could suffer. This assumes that to have a good SEO score in 2021, your website must have good mobile ergonomics. It should also have a good loading speed , and a good interface.

This is why writing articles and the latest news, as well as blogging and inserting innovations, are very useful. Finally, there is one last point Iraq Email List to know for your SEO campaign! In order to analyze sites, Google uses several kinds of tools, including machine learning. It is a set of algorithms that allow the search engine to learn and adapt when exposed to new data. So, to classify a site, Google will not only stop at the main keywords you have chosen, but it will also be interested in their semantics and long tail queries. Hence the importance of paying attention to the optimization techniques used and more particularly to the natural referencing campaign.This will immediately show up on your ranking. Remember it is like an advertisement. Regardless of what we say, SEA only grants you short-term visibility .

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Create a good netlinking

The strong competitive pressure of research plunges into oblivion websites containing general keywords. Internet users also use long sentences which do not make it easy for search engines. This is why you must be precise in the title of your keywords. In turn, a commercial keyword advertisement will include: “buy ties” or “order a wedding dress”. Now that you know the basics of the paid search campaign, you can use it to ensure the visibility of your website. We highly recommend it. To your search engines… Ready to reference? Pay! This can be explained by the fact that it only affects 1 in 10 searches, as we already mentioned in this article. However, it cannot be denied that there is a high risk of developing, so certain SEO habits must already be followed.

In addition, this algorithm is not meant to be a positioning factor. So you can’t optimize your site precisely for BERT, as Danny Sullivan , Google’s PR manager, explained .Your backlink will come out stronger, and your site will gain credibility. Google’s algorithm remains very sensitive to this technique. This one can really take you a step further when it comes to organic traffic . Now is the time to roll up your sleeves; or contact us !Google Search Console Google designed this tool to help Internet users understand how it works in general. In particular the basic concepts related to a search carried out on its search engine.

Determine a good keyword strategy

Its crawler generates various main keywords. Google Search Console offers an overview of these different keywords. You will also have the privilege of identifying the number of clicks and requests associated with each of these keywords. Insofar as the results obtained leave something to be desired, Google will recommend you regarding the arrangements to be made. Google analytics This website analysis tool is the most popular of all.

This is the best method to use when you want to meticulously analyze your audience . The information obtained will help you to further optimize your website. Hotjar As discussed above, analyzing user behavior is an integral part of reviewing a website. Many entrepreneurs use Hotjar to try and build a complete profile of their visitors. A particularly effective tool when it comes to spotting hot spots on your site.

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