For the example above, the Alt tag can be “dog in a garden” or “dog present in the garden” . In order to optimize your images, favor JPG, PNG formats that search engines easily read.  Websites are designed for Internet users and should be useful to Cabo Verde Email List them. The business principle according to which the customer is king applies scrupulously at Google . The search engine only gives interest to sites that interest users . So be sure to constantly improve your site to enrich the user experience (UX for User Experience ) of your target. We advise you to pay attention to the interface of your site which must be easily accessible and fluid.

If necessary, use a professional web designer (such as AntheDesign ) to give your platform a graphic identity. We can also, for example, help you redesign your site. Also enrich the user experience of Internet users by varying the formats of your content. You have the choice between: blog posts, definition pages such as lexicons, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), the guides, service pages, or the product sheets … After a site redesign to bring it up to date, pages sometimes become inaccessible. In this case, you must necessarily use the 301 redirect in order to prevent users from facing the 401 error (page without resources). The 301 redirect takes the Internet user to the new page containing the content he is looking for . The user does not even realize that there has been a change of URL.

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Image optimization

Updating content All information is subject to change over time. Since the content of your site is made up of information, it must adapt to the evolution of the latter. Updating content is an SEO lever to use in order to make your site a benchmark in its field. In fact, the indexing carried out by Google’s algorithms continues after the publication of a page. The regularly updated pages are valued by the search engine . Google believes that updated content brings added value to Internet users and improves their user experience. By updating your articles, you prove to your Internet users that you want to provide them with precise and up-to-date information . This practice has the advantage of not causing new expenses. If there is a change in a law that you mentioned in an article, for example, modify the article according to the new information.

Last SEO lever: performance analysis SEO requires a permanent watch which is done thanks to the analysis of the results of the adopted strategy. By evaluating performance, you determine which SEO levers you are not yet using. SEO analysis is one of the services offered by SEO agencies like AntheDesign (And presto! It’s rested here!). This service is often requested by customers as part of an SEO campaign . You can inquire with our team on how to conduct your SEO campaign. The performance of an SEO strategy is analyzed through indicators such as: the number of clicks, the number of pages opened, the time spent on the site by visitors on average, connection devices, etc. To collect performance data, Google offers Google Analytics and Google Search Console .

User experience: an important SEO lever

These tools are easy to use, even by SEO laymen. However, using a professional like our agency is relevant to explain the results and find solutions to strengthen your SEO strategy. Among other things, you must: Clearly identify the search intent of Internet users for each targeted query; Provide clear, short and relevant answers in your content to questions asked by Internet users; Respect the SEO rule which relates to the good structuring of your pages in order to allow the robots of the search engines to understand them easily and to associate with each development a main idea; Write content in the most suitable formats according to the targeted requests.

For example, for a recipe, the numbered list is required. One last tip to maximize your chances of appearing in featured snippets is to take inspiration from what is already being done. Analyze the content present in position zero for the queries of your industry and try to do better, of course keeping the main optimization elements. It can also be useful to identify with an analysis tool the keywords for which no content is available as featured snippet in order to direct your optimization efforts in this direction.and why not websites entirely in 3 D ? digital screen icons apps Ordi60: provision of a laptop to each college student in the department.

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