Mobile First is a concept of web design optimized for mobile that goes beyond Responsive Web Design . It consists of designing a site by prioritizing the mobile version and gradually adapting the web design for larger screens. This concept is the opposite of the most popular approach previously which consisted of gradually degrading a website to adapt it to display on smartphones. The pages of a website are first created for smartphones and tablets and then gradually evolve to adapt to computers. The Mobile First concept then disrupts Web Design and sets new priorities with repercussions on the structure of a website. Mobile research is no longer a niche, but an essential market in which website owners need to focus.

To for your website, you have to start from the mobile design. You have to work with mobile wireframes, mobile uses and mobile Scotland Email List tests and then possibly extend the display for desktop. Even if this may seem strange to the owner of a site who consults his site mainly on a computer, it should be realized that a good part of the Net surfers and customers will never see his site on PC. The stages of implementation: Build a mobile site in the first place which can then be gradually extended to desktop mode. Create a mobile specific dashboard. Invest in technical tools dedicated to mobiles.

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The Trend in Web Design: Mobile First

Carry out ergonomics and AB testing tests dedicated to mobiles. Analyze customer journeys in mobile mode and include mobile personas from a 3G connection, on small screens, while walking, etc. Mobile First and Mobile Friendly In addition to the concept of Web Design that is Mobile First, Internet users via their phones have other requirements that revolve around the concept of user-friendliness of a web page . The editors of a website must then focus on certain essential points to create a Mobile Friendly interface: Remove unnecessary programming. Allow quick access to information. Remove large images and unnecessary functions from pages.

Develop with the lightest possible source code. Abandon JavaScript to develop pages directly in HTML5. Create clear, easy and quick-to-understand content. Create readable, easy-to-click links. Beyond the design of a website and its “classic” pages, a Mobile First approach requires significant technical and strategic resources. For some companies, implementing Mobile First on their website is a must to attract customers. Indeed, the consultation of websites with a mobile is still growing.This will also allow you to assess her skills: is she able to perform a quick audit of your site? Is it interested in your activity, your target ?, etc. In addition, a good web communication agency will be able to clearly explain its SEO strategies and methods to you without flaunting its technical vocabulary.

Implement the Mobile First concept

A reputable agency will also teach you how to measure your ROI . She will give you regular reports on the results whether they are up or down and on the work to be done. It is better to be wary of agencies that guarantee quick results. You will indeed be able to achieve the first results very quickly but it will not last. The techniques used, called “ black hat ”, are far from being “natural”. They generally go against Google’s recommendations, which will eventually knock you out of its search results.

When someone talks about you or your business inaccurately, contact them and ask them to correct the information. In conclusion, voice search is more and more important. It is therefore essential to start optimizing the content of your site as well as your strategy for AEO now . If you want more information about optimizing your website, contact us !

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