If you are here you must know what push notifications are, but you never know, if yesterday you were hit on the head during a drunken evening, I would prefer to remind you all the same. Push notifications are those short messages that are sent to those who have downloaded your app. This message appears directly on their smartphone without having to enter the app. You are therefore addressing a clearly targeted audience through these Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List notifications! However, the user has the option of refusing or deactivating these push notifications at any time. Either way, push notifications are one of the best advertising tools available to you. As at Squirrel we are nice, we have prepared a tutorial for you! Don’t thank us, we’re awesome, it’s true digital agency mobile development ios android Let’s go !

Tutorial: Configure push notifications on Pushwoosh (iOS) 1 – Generate a CertificateSigningRequest file. To do this, open the “Keychain Access” app, then select “Certification wizard”> “Request a certificate from a certificate authority ..” request certificate to certificate authority 2 – Fill in the required information and choose “Save to disk” then click on continue fill in information and save to disk 3 – Save the CertificateSigningRequest file on your disk save CertificateSigningRequest file 4 – Go to the following address and connect 5 – Create an App IDs, click on App IDs in the left menu for in the Identifiers section search and find “App IDs” 6 – Click on the “+” at the top right to add an App IDs Screenshot 2018-02-15 at 09.18.47 7 – Fill out the form to continue.

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Fill in the name of the project The bundle ID (ask the developer) And check “push notification” in AppServices tick push notification Your App IDs have been created. 8 – Now, you have to create an “Apple Push Notification” certificate. To do this, in the left menu, you must create a production certificate. In the “Certificates” section, click on production create apple certificate push notification 9 – Click on “+” to add a production certificate add production certificate 10 – On the next screen, check Apple Push Notification SSL service, then continue. Screenshot 2018-02-15 at 09.21.10 11 – Select the App IDs Screenshot 2018-02-15 at 09.22.49 12 – Send the CertificateSigningRequest file saved on the disk with the “Choose File…” button send CertificateSigningRequest file 13 – Continue and download the certificate.

Once the file has been downloaded, double click on the file to add it to the “keychains access” app Then, to retrieve the “.p12” file, open the Keychain Access app, select the added certificate. Click on “Export” Apple Push Services ” recover “.p12” file then export “apple push service” 14 – Create a password for your .p12 file (keep it safe) Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 18.12.35 15 – Go back to the Pushwoosh IOS configuration of your project, add the cer file (the downloaded certificate) .p12 (the file exported from the keychain access) and the password created during the export. Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 12.15.51 15 – Select the Titanium Framework and click on “Save”.

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IOS setup on Pushwoosh is complete! Our job being our passion, we respond to all requests but are also available to advise companies in their digitalization but also on their needs. In a caring and transparent approach we offer appointments board and strategic to our customers. The Sodirel company uses the Prestashop CMS and the application is directly connected to the site. In this way, the customer can use the same account to log in to the mobile application and to the website. The application also gives the possibility of scanning the product bar in order to access its file.

Mister Carpentry digital agency mobile development ios android Squirrel has also developed Mister Menuiserie : It is an application which allows the user to: follow his orders find stores nearby view tutorials available to help you set up your own joinery. The mobile application is based on Magento, an e-commerce platform that gives merchants control over the appearance and content of their site. These mobile applications represent new communication channels for businesses. If you also want to adapt your e-commerce site and offer an optimized mobile experience to your customers, call on our mobile development agency Squirrel ! Do you want to recover your mobile application published by an agency or a developer account other than your own? We have the solution to your problem! Thus, you will find in this article the procedure to follow in order to transfer an IOS application to another developer account.

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