In the case of the luxury goods industry, this link with mass customization is crucial and acts as a tool for a “learning relationship” between the manufacturer and its customers , as described by Joseph B. Pine, Don Peppers and Martha  Taiwan WhatsApp Number List Rogers in 1995. This learning relationship is the reason why the producer and his client manage to maintain an ongoing relationship , which is reinforced by interactions and by various forms of collaborations designed to meet the specific needs of consumers .

The goal of mass customization is to provide the ability to create, anticipate and honor specific consumer requirements in a way that is transparent, engaging and mutually beneficial for the business and the customer. Thus, mass customization is a particularly interesting long-term strategy for industries and companies whose objective is to offer their customers highly satisfactory or original products and services based on innovation and creativity, as it is. is the case in the luxury sector. We all aspire to the recognition of our individuality and the consideration of our aspirations. This is why brands are strongly committed to the personalization of their products and services.

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Now at the heart of marketing strategies, this approach is becoming a valuable ally of customer satisfaction and loyalty. If in luxury boutiques this experience is already very successful, it is much more complex to reproduce on an e-commerce site. Guerlain, a key reference in the world of beauty and perfumery, took the plunge last year, after identifying the opportunity offered by our exclusive technology in this area. Thus, the brand entrusted us with the creation of a whole new experience around its range of “Rouge G” lipsticks. Praised by Internet users, this first foray into the world of online personalization convinced Guerlain to continue the adventure.

At the end of 2019, it was thus the turn of its iconic “Bee” bottle to experience, with Hapticmedia, a new stage in its beautiful and long history. Further strengthen the experience around connected commerce For nearly a year, Guerlain has been giving fans of its “Rouge G” range the opportunity to compose their ideal lipstick online. They can thus associate one of the 15 cases with about thirty shades, that is to say more than 450 possible combinations. And, all this, without even going to the store! Our 3D creation and customization tool offers them the quality and fluidity expected for a successful experience.

In the end, the rendering on the screen is in every way identical to the physical product that customers then receive at their home. Internet users appreciate this service, which achieves the second highest conversion rate on the Guerlain site. This plebiscite is reflected directly in the results, with an increase in sales on this range of around 30 to 50%. This first success, the brand wanted to renew it by entrusting us with a new challenge up to the level of our teams and our technology. This time, it is the turn of its “Abeille” bottle, another emblematic product of Guerlain, to dare to personalize Hapticmedia.

Create a unique product online in a fun and fluid way This new demand pays tribute to Guerlain’s first profession, that of perfumer. The brand wanted us to be able to recreate the emotion of this luxury product behind a computer or smartphone screen, without the customer coming into direct contact with the bottle at any time: a challenge! Our precision of execution and modeling was the engine of this new success, in a world of luxury which demands perfection. This perfection, we therefore went to seek it in the realization of a true technical prowess.

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