Multi-touch marketing attribution is an essential practice for any good marketing professional. It provides a complete picture of the customer journey. Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number in addition to clarifying where the marketing spend is going and proving ROI for different channels and programs. But I found myself wanting to know more about the personal experience of managing marketing attribution and hear about it straight from individuals in our marketing community. I set out to find someone with deep experience in marketing automation and. Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number measurement who could walk me through the top challenges of marketing attribution. I wanted to choose someone who has worked with measurement and reporting in many different marketing automation instances.

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About  of marketing attribution. He runs the User Group an d has extensive experience both in-house and as a marketing automation consultant. So I sat down (virtually) with Ajay Srpal, 2020 Champion of the Year, to discuss the challenges of marketing attribution and how he’s tackled them throughout his 20 years of experience. is a marketer with experience both in-house and as a consultant. He is also 2x  Champion, 5x Marketo Certified Expert, completed 9 advanced specializations on Marketing Automation, and one of the Fearless 50 top marketers. It’s Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number exciting to dig in and find out what the challenges are that his clients are facing marketing attribution, and he had lots to say about the subject.

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In the interview,  that marketers face today: top challenges with marketing attribution, proving the ROI of marketing channels, visualizing the customer journey. Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number and improving marketing and sales alignment. Q. What are the top challenges with marketing attribution? A. “Lots of marketers don’t know which channels are generating the most revenue, so they’re qualifying people on soft metrics like opening an email 3 times or five times, and secondly. Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number they’re not following a process or best practices in terms of attribution. With these issues, the leads sales receives can be of low quality, which frustrates them [sales]. It hurts the relationship between marketing and sales”.

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