It has a considerable influence on prices and the end result: the user experience generated by your configurator. DIY options require the customer to prepare the 3D files themselves. The DIY options require the customer to prepare the 3D files himself (generally in STL. OBJ. FBX. COLLADA. 3DS. IGES. STEP. VRML or X3D format) while in a Colombia WhatsApp Number List complete package, these services (3D modeling, visualization , integration, etc.) are included. In our experience, most of our prospects don’t have 3D files or don’t know what it is and if they have any. Basic 3D models do not perform well enough for excellent 3D visualization or rendering.

Your business may have 3D files of your product, but it’s critical to verify not only that they exist, but that they perform well enough for perfect 3D viewing and rendering . Having a high-quality 3D model is crucial for the end result, otherwise it will make the whole configurator poor and dramatically decrease user appreciation of the overall experience. At Hapticmedia, we have been approached by clients who have asked us to work with their existing 3D files, made by themselves or by other agencies. In order to convince them that a more detailed design was needed, we showed them what the final product looked like and had them test the experience for themselves.

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By putting it into practice, customers see how important it is to start with the right materials to develop quality visualization effects. Make sure that a full package option is available, in case your own 3D files do not meet certain requirements. In our experience, it is recommended that you work with a vendor who offers 3D modeling and integration as part of a complete package to get the support you need to test your 3D model and make sure it meets the requirements. . If you find that your own 3D files are already of good quality, you can always go for the DIY package.

Otherwise, you can fall back on the full package. In conclusion, in order to create a top-notch 3D product configurator with excellent visualization, it is essential to make sure that you already have high-performance 3D files for the targeted products or that you can get this service as part of a package. full 3D Configurator Supplier that guarantees you personalized follow- up until you are completely satisfied with the final performance. Even if you are confident with your 3D files, make sure you always have the full package option available, in case your own 3D files do not meet certain requirements and you cannot be satisfied with the DIY option anymore.

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Otherwise, you could have the same mishap as one of our customers when they found out that much better visualization or rendering effects are needed and they had to change their 3D Product Configurator vendor at all costs. Price: DIY options are cheaper and billed monthly, full packages are more expensive and negotiated Now that we understand the differences between DIY option and full package, it’s easy to see why DIY options are cheaper: Full packages provide custom 3D modeling, visualization, and integration. Hapticmedia and Sketchfab offer a range of plans to host DIY options (without project services such as 3D modeling and integration) billed on a monthly session basis .

The Sketchfab Premium package, at € 79, is aimed at small businesses, agencies or studios, offers up to 10,000 views / month, while the Business plan at € 249 covers a maximum of 25,000 views / month. Both offers do not include AR without an app . Both platforms offer Enterprise licenses (negotiated based on end needs and deliverables) that allow you to customize the number of views / month and add services like AR. For complete packages , Hapticmedia and Wanadev both work on the basis of personalized quotes. At Hapticmedia, we know that it is impossible to force such a complex project into a standard plan . That’s why we spend time identifying your needs and establishing an offer that maximizes your resources.

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