The new Louis Vuitton Maison Osaka Midosuji store opened on January 31, 2020 in Osaka, Japan with a restaurant and cafe. Retailtainment Germany WhatsApp Number List is a concept proposed by sociologist George Ritzer. It is “ the use of ambiance, emotion, sound and activity to engage customers in the merchandise and instill a buying mood ”. The point is that these days, stores are part of chains owned by brands that, in order to remain competitive, must capture and captivate consumers . The longer they stay in the store, the more they will be exposed to the brand’s messages .

That’s why every detail is important. From the layout to the music, from the perfume to the uniforms and the tone of the advisers, all elements of in-store marketing must be in line with the customer perception desired by the brand, with its values ​​and with its overall image. The goal is to deliver a smooth experience that appeals to customers and keeps them coming back , even when they can’t quite put their finger on what appeals to them. Audiovisual equipment has become essential for most stores wishing to position themselves at the heart of innovation and modernity. Giant screens, video walls, touch consoles, digital signage etc. are now the norm in in-store marketing. But it doesn’t end there.

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To Achieve This Goal, We Must Design And Deploy Innovative Digital Strategies.

For example, the choirs and the Christmas tree at Lafayette at Christmas, the master worker who creates Hermès bags in stores to showcase artisanal techniques, also make for a well-executed retailtainment strategy . Things have escalated so much in in-store marketing that some brands have even turned their stores into tourist attractions . To the delight of its customers, the Apple store in Milan boasts a fountain and 14 Gleditsia Sunburst glass trees; Osaka’s Louis Vuitton store features an upscale cafe and restaurant that celebrates the city’s culinary heritage.

Media value of physical stores for customer acquisitions Source: the luxury brand Baume combines physical and digital interfaces in stores . It is no longer possible to envision stores as they were 20 years ago. A physical outlet that converts has to do a lot more than sell products. In-store marketing is now focused on staging diverse and complex opportunities to retain customers, provide them with information and enable them to interact with products . A momentous reality should never be lost sight of: marketers and retail professionals know that brick-and-mortar stores also drive online sales , as many consumers try products offline and then buy them online.

To Pique The Interest Of Consumers And Gain Their Loyalty, We Must Target And Engage Them 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week.

website . Plus, they also know that digital advertising is expensive, as cost per click / impression is a big part of their digital budget. In an article written for Business of Fashion, Doug Stephens, also known as Retail Prophet , explains that brick-and-mortar stores should not only be evaluated on their sales, but on their media value , especially point of view. view of customer acquisition. Whether it is by telling its story and celebrating its traditions, or by providing information on the techniques of quality production, in-store marketing must arouse the consumer’s identification with the brand and immerse them in its narrative.

The physical location then becomes a powerful channel for stimulating word of mouth, arousing interest and eliciting emotions. To achieve this, use the full range of tools now available: from creating video content where you can deliver influential videos that recommend your products, to delivering VR and AR experiences . As with all multimedia content, this in-store marketing tool requires a well-designed strategy that starts from clear premises, sets precise objectives and defines determined KPIs. Enrich the brand’s narrative with innovative in-store practices. Source: STORY at Macy’s, a narrative sales experience launched in 36 stores In such a diverse and dynamic world, it is disappointing for consumers to relive the same shopping experience over and over again .

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