Customers can create their dream watch in 3D by choosing everything: bracelet, hands, dial, case, engraving etc. (among a total of more than 2000 possible combinations!). Moreover, after setup, customer can also use NFC technology to view the design on their wrist before placing the order. This, of course, contributes to much higher conversion rates, drives engagement, and generates word of mouth. Doug Stephens, nicknamed the Retail Prophet, supports the idea that stores should not be evaluated in terms of sales, as the main goal is to immerse consumers in the brand’s narrative , expose them to its messages and to a more ambitious lifestyle.

Burberry, too, is enjoying great success in physical marketing thanks to its flagship store in London. The brand has launched a phygital showroom Cyprus WhatsApp Number List that allows customers to use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to enjoy interactive content on product and manufacturing details. In addition, the brand is able to offer personalized recommendations based on customer profiles based on their previous trials or purchases, using, with their permission, RFID tracking. “Walking through our doors is like entering our website,” said Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry.

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More Than A Third Of Respondents Have Seen

Integrated marketing tools to achieve synergy in terms of sales According to the Holiday Survey of Consumers 2019 released by Deloitte, respondents planned to spend 59% of their vacation budget online, while 70% of smartphone users said they would make a purchase from their device . Digital tools – direct-to-consumer platforms, social media, chatbots – bring undeniable added value to the customer experience because they unify and streamline a journey fragmented into 15 points of contact, more than half of which are digital , especially for the Chinese public. Clearly influenced by the behavioral patterns of Generation Z, all consumers have now embraced the digital environment.

From collecting information to purchasing and after-sales support, they use it simultaneously with already established purchasing channels. That’s why high-end brands that started with a direct online approach are now developing physical stores . For example, the non-toxic household goods brand Parachute Home was launched only online in 2014. From the early days, social media, especially Instagram, played a central role in its promotional and storytelling strategy. But in 2016, the brand began to develop its first physical stores across the United States to diversify its approach to consumers and multiply points of contact. Conversational commerce not only brings responsiveness, but also personalization and uniqueness to online luxury commerce.

An Increase In The Frequency Of Transactions Thanks To Personalization Strategies.

According to the Comm100 Live Chat Benchmark Report 2019 , the average wait time (the length of time a visitor waits until an agent joins the chat) is 48 seconds. If they are asked to wait longer, they tend to leave the chat. This proves again that users have become accustomed to faster and easier communication . In addition, built on complex algorithms, chatbots are faster in identifying users, researching their information and their consumption patterns. And they are able to handle an unlimited number of requests . Additionally, an AI chatbot anticipates user behavior: it knows when the consumer leaves your site, places an order, or needs help.

This makes it much easier to place targeted marketing and improve efficiency. Luxury 4.0: the new concept that is secretly reshaping luxury marketing 3 A chatbot offers real-time shopping assistance, like the one customers receive in-store. In a world where consumers have a plethora of options at the push of a button, brand loyalty is extremely difficult to achieve and maintain. This especially applies to the luxury industry where companies compete to embody a vision and style that must be constantly expressed and manifested to their stakeholders and customers. According to one study, 70% of millennials have had positive chatbot experiences and 90% of businesses have faster complaint resolutions using bots.

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