For example, “10 gift ideas for wives who hate jewelry”. Lead people through the steps of an occasion. For example, Christmas: 1) get a tree, 2) plan dinner, 3) get gifts, etc. Get brand advocates to curate products on your site and advertise it on your homepage. It doesn’t have to be fashion. Ideally they’re celebrities but micro-influencers work as well. Usually, this “tactic” leads to an increase in backlinks from those influencers and other sites.

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Incentivize your users to put together their own collections and share them with their friends on Facebook. Instagram or Snapchat. That will give you additional Guatemala Phone Number brand exposure, which increases the search volume for your brand and brand combination keywords. DRIVING CONVERSIONS AND BACKLINKS WITH SOCIAL PROOF In June 2017, Qubit Digital published a study that analyzed 6,700 a/b experiments in e-commerce to find out what tactic increases revenue per user most.

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It turned out that cosmetic changes, like color or modifying buttons, don’t have a big impact. Instead, consumer psychology tactics work very well. The biggest needle movers are scarcity, urgency – and social proof.[*] Graph showing “social proof” test summaries In the study, the average uplift of revenue per user from social proof was +2.3%. But social proof is not new. It’s one of Robert Cialdini’s six key principles of influence and Charlie Munger’s 25 cognitive biases.

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