A UK retail store, use cart abandonment emails to increase their order completion rate. The email below is sent out to customers two hours after they’ve Cayman Islands Phone Number abandoned their cart. The timeliness of this campaign means that it’s opened by more than half of recipients.[*] Screenshot showing an email Like Reiss’ cart abandonment email, Cath Kidston’s email features the Cayman Islands Phone Number shopper’s whole basket and options to continue shopping and checkout. This campaign generates clickthrough rates of 16%, and a 65% higher average order value than direct sales.

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Reviews are an incredibly powerful form of social proof. When I want to go to a new restaurant, I often check Yelp for reviews. Same goes for a hotel. I’ll almost Cayman Islands Phone Number always check TripAdvisor for reviews before I make a decision. Reviews can be an incredibly Cayman Islands Phone Number powerful way to increase sales. Casper, an ecommerce company that sells mattresses, use Cayman Islands Phone Number reviews in their cart abandonment emails. Screenshot showing a “come back” email Including a review in an abandon cart

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Email is a great way to use social proof to encourage a shopper to complete their purchase. Not only does the testimonial make Casper’s product seem amazing, but it aligns with their fun and playful brand. The email also features two main CTAs: The most important CTA (and first in the email). Takes the shopper back to the cart The secondary CTA enables the shopper to view more reviews from happy. Casper customers When someone abandons their cart on your site, try using social proof as a way to get them over the line and parting with their hard-earned cash.

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