After the blog content. Features Message Center: Updated styling on Terms of Service to make it easier to read. Message Center: Allows users without any subscribers to still create email campaigns in draft mode. Shopify: If the user has an invalid Shopify token, the dialogue box now asks them to either reauth or disconnect. This ensures we know what their intention is. List Builder / Chat: Moved load urls to a common, shared url further reducing round-trip calls and load times.

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List Builder: Added ability to use query parameters within form content by typing {query:variablename}. For instance, a url with ?name=Starbuck in its url could Algeria Phone Number use “Hello {query:name}” in its copy. Fixes Added cache busting on our css to prevent css changes from not being reflected. Settings: No longer shows Seats Limit warning if user has unlimited seats. Dashboard: Fixed data issue regarding Daylight Savings Time. Notifications: Clicking on notifications sent from older apps wasn’t working

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Properly after moving to new routing scheme. This has been fixed. Content Analytics & Heat Maps: Clicking ‘View’ now opens the page in a new tab, opens Sumo, then shows the campaign rather than attempting to open on the current page. List Builder: If the form type is not capable of handling discounts, do not show Add Discount button or prompt for discount on save. Content Analytics: Viewing all campaigns within Content Analytics would sometimes not show campaigns until hitting next once or twice.

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