Wordfence Security is the most downloaded security plugin. It protects your website from attacks. Click here to install Wordfence Security. Speaking of hackers, have you ever used a site that went down because of a server attack? You probably can think of at least once where you experienced this, so it’s not exactly rare. That probably happened to the site because they weren’t using Wordfence Security. Wordfence Security is the most popular security plugin for WordPress.

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It scans your site, putting up a firewall and allows you even to enable a cell phone signin for an extra layer of security. Screenshot showing Wordfence Tunisia Phone Number Dashboard So you can sleep well at night knowing your site. Won’t be taken down by some dude in Tunisia Phone Number pajamas who still lives in his mom’s basement and plays Halo all day (when he’s not trying to hack your site). TURN YOUR ECOMMERCE STORE INTO A CONVERSION MACHINE I just gave you 16 WordPress plugins to take your ecommerce store from good to great.

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That’s not a number to cough at. So you might be a little overwhelmed with which ones to start with. We’ve gathered opinions on the most essential WordPress plugins for your ecommerce store that you absolutely must start with. If you can only use six of the plugins in this guide, it should be thes. Click the button below and get the starter pack. Don’t want to install 16 plugins on your site and risk slowing it down? Click here to get the cheat sheet of the top six WordPress plugins every ecommerce store NEEDS.

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