Screenshot showing … than Latvia Phone Number  on the iPhone page.[*] Screenshot showing They don’t link to iPhones, iPads or iWatches on the Mac page and vice versa. I thought this was an elegant solution to create “silos” in the site structure. They Latvia Phone Number  distribute link juice better within the category, seem to improve crawl rate and make it easier to compare Latvia Phone Number  subdirectories. Fat footers are not limited to product categories. Amazon uses a fat footer on the AWS Microsite to link between solutions, products and resources.

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Screenshot showing amazon How you can Latvia Phone Number  apply it Add an HTML sitemap to your site. Either linked in the footer or in the navigation. List all categories, Latvia Phone Number  subcategories and most important pages. Think about adding sitemaps for different criteria, like “brands” Latvia Phone Number  or “most popular products”. Create a fat footer and link to all of your categories. If you have too many or don’t want to overload the footer, at least add the most trafficked or monetary valuable ones.

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Customize your footer for each category Latvia Phone Number  to some degree. You can still link between products and categories. But if your CMS allows you to customize the footer for different subdirectories. Give it a shot and measure the effect on search engine visits (with your server Latvia Phone Number  log files). 20 years ago, Jeff Bezos gave a video interview in which he shows immense knowledge Latvia Phone Number  about business, marketing and sales. Amazon can be intimidating but ecommerce is not a lost game.

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