The choice of keywords is decisive for SEO and the positioning of your website, it is on the choice of keywords that your SEO strategy is partly based, you must therefore start your positioning process with this essential step. keywords keyword  In your keyword research, intuition will always be the first phase of exploration before using other Reunion Email Lists techniques discussed below. The intuitive approach consists of putting yourself in the shoes of an average Internet user typing his request into an engine to find his information, list all the terms closely approximating or referring to your activity or product ( synonyms, variants, benchmarks geographical, temporality, competitors… ).

tag cloud You can use a spreadsheet to organize your collection and facilitate their subsequent operation, do not hesitate to put your loved ones and people outside to contribution, we always have more ideas and imagination together than alone. . This primary collection of keywords is essential but insufficient nowadays as the competition is important on the web, thousands of pages certainly deal with the same subject as you. You must then identify the keywords with high added value for the search engines. choice of keywords Keyword generators In addition to the intuitive approach, many tools allow you to work on the lexical field of your keywords and their frequency of use on search engines. The key word generators propose expressions relating to the entered expressions, the example of the key word “ key word” is interesting in this regard, starting with its spelling accepting several accepted variants.

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Choice Of Keywords, An Intuitive Process To Start

key words, key words, key word, word -key… Database tools such as WordTracker , Yooda INSIGHT , KeywordEyes or Semrush also make it possible to offer all variants in terms of spelling and in several languages. To this functionality is added an interval of values ​​corresponding to the frequency of the keywords most typed by Internet users on search engines, this functionality also exists on Google Adwords . There is also an indication of the competition for each keyword, this competition is independent of natural referencing, it is that of sponsored links, even if the result is very close. google-adwords-logo These keyword generators often come from the giants of online advertising, the most used being Google AdWords Keywords Generator , it is based on queries typed on Google (Google represents 90.2% of searches carried out in France in September 2012, Source: AT INTERNET ) .

Other keyword generators such as Microsoft AdCenter relying on Bing and Yahoo engines can complete this research phase. Other techniques and tools such as auto-completion or competition analysis allow you to further refine the choice of your keywords, these techniques will also be the subject of a future article. The next step with the keywords you have selected will be to create the web pages that will be used to highlight your keywords in the search results ( How to place yourself on the first page of Google thanks to natural referencing? ) To summarize , the choice of the right keywords is decisive for the referencing of your Internet site, hazardous or incomplete choices will make your site pass into oblivion of the Web.

To Learn More About Choosing Your Keywords

The research of keywords, as well as SEO optimization are services offered by our web agency, do not hesitate to contact professionals to help you , the visibility of your website depends on it. Indeed, if I search for a “Panasonic ST60 plasma TV” and I arrive on a site offering me the television corresponding to my research, the probability that I will buy is much greater than if I had typed “plasma television” without specifying the model or the brand. The conversion rate (percentage of visitors transformed into buyers) is much better with a visitor from the long tail. ROI – return on investment A last significant advantage to take advantage of the long tail concerns the number of competitors on generic queries, it is very important since by nature, generic keywords are not precise.

For example, not all sound and video dealers have “Panasonic ST60 plasma TV” in stock. In addition, by ignorance of good SEO practices , the majority of advertisers position themselves on the most generic keywords. Thus the level of competition is much stronger on generic keywords and the bids for positioning with Google AdWords are significantly higher.For optimal referencing of your website, not filling in the meta tags is an error, even if some tags have become obsolete, the content used by default by Google in the display of its search results for a “description” meta tag. will not necessarily be very “seller”. meta_description Entering the right meta tags is essential if you want to rank well in search results. If you have any doubts about the tags of your website, do not hesitate to have your site audited by a web agency .

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