You have different possibilities to find and analyze keywords with keyword research with Semrush:  This option of Semrush gives you the ability to conduct extensive research to find keywords. In short, the tool can be used to identify the Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List most popular keywords and terms among users. For example, you can do a research on the keyword “SEO techniques” and have specific information such as: search volume by country keyword variations the level of difficulty to position yourself on the keyword  The main role of this tool is to find a large number of relevant keywords to form a semantic field around your main keyword.

This is definitely the feature that you will be using the most. You just have to specify the theme or the target keyword and the country of research. For example, if you do a search that targets the keyword “web writing” in France, you will have a list of 1,391 keywords . If, on the other hand, you do a search around the term “website creation”, you will have 3,240 keywords . The list is huge! Fortunately, the tool has filters that you can use to sort the results. You will therefore only keep the keywords that are the most relevant to your targets . The selected list can then be saved in the Keyword Manager for later use. SEO Content Template This is one of the coolest features for creating great content. Thanks to the SEO Content Template, you can position yourself on specific keywords by creating optimized content.

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The best performing keywords

You can also take advantage of existing opportunities on Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. LSI keywords are secondary keywords that have some relevance to semantics. Certain information is necessary for Semrush to give you an SEO Content Template: the main keyword the targeted territory the target language Semrush will perform an analysis to provide you with a Template based on Google’s top 10 results. You can then use it to produce content that will appeal to search engine robots. An SEO Content Template brings together a set of information: a list of keywords to create a semantic cocoon around the target keyword the ideal length of content to write suggestions of sites where you can get backlinks. Be careful at this level, as sites belonging to your competitors may appear in the list.

tips to give your content good readability or advice on writing titles and metadata ( meta-title and meta-description ) Semrush also offers you to download the document. This option is particularly interesting if you need to write a briefing to delegate the writing of your content to another writer. Topic Research Blank leaf syndrome is also found on the Internet. It is indeed necessary to regularly publish quality content to seduce Internet users and search engines at the same time. However, you have surely happened to spend a long time in front of your computer without knowing what subject to broach. It is to avoid this problem that Semrush offers the Topic Research feature..

Keyword Overview: the overview of keywords

Its operation is quite simple. You must first specify the keyword on which you want to write content. The tool will then perform an in-depth analysis of the top 10 results that appear on Google. Semrush then shows you the content that your competitors have produced using the specified keyword. One click is enough for you to have many ideas for topics. It is then up to you to read, sort and analyze the information collected by the tool to select the right subject. You can also draw inspiration from the most frequently asked questions by Internet users and research relating to your niche. To go further, you can follow your competitors’ content guidelines to develop your copywriting plan.

SEO Writing Assistant You found an interesting topic and followed Semrush’s recommendations for writing your content thanks to the Topic Research and SEO Content Template features . It’s good ! But is your content of good quality? Semrush helps you check this with its SEO Writing Assistant feature . You can write your text directly in the writing assistant or copy and paste. The tool then analyzes your content and gives you a rating. It also recommends actions to improve the quality of your content: readability SEO optimization originality the tone. You can also add the plugin to WordPress or Google Docs to take advantage of the tool’s recommendations while you’re writing your document or when it’s already in draft on your site.


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