Agencies, small-business owners and in-house marketers in 2020 must know. How to craft an effective content and seo strategy. Crafting a strategy is about much more than keyword .Research and content creation, it has evolved into so much more. You want to document your digital marketing strategy so that you can stay focused. Monitor results, and report to clients or leadership. Most agencies use project management tools such as trello, basecamp, Albania Phone Number or countless others. Pair these tools with seo specific tools such as moz, ahrefs. And semrush, and you have what you need to report and manage tactics. So how does a master campaign document fit into the above tools. As a digital marketing agency or in-house marketing expert. Documenting your approach lets you provide your client or leadership with. A digital marketing blueprint.

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While the project management and reporting tools are great for running a campaign, a master document helps organize thoughts, develop targets, and keeps strategy focused. It also helps clients and leadership understand strategy by seeing how it was developed. What should a campaign document look like and what should it include? Website URL and Asset Inventory Your SEO and content marketing documentation should include Albania Phone Number website URLs and an asset inventory. This inventory can include base information such as every page’s title, meta, and H1. It is also helpful to include canonicals, 301/302 redirects, and 404s. SEO Screaming frog is an incredible tool to help pull all of your crawl data together. You may also want to add your target designations, milestone or last touch dates, as well as experiments and optimization dates. The website inventory is a

Great Tool to Help Systematically Albania Phone Number Work Through a Website

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by identifying targets, run SEO experiments, and eliminate site errors. Keyword Research Keyword research is an essential aspect of your SEO strategy, so it makes sense it should live in your strategy documentation. Keyword research should include a topical breakdown of all target keywords, search volume, and keyword difficulty. You can also breakdown keyword research in your documentation to include the buying cycle stage and content type. Keeping keyword research in your campaign documentation allows you to have direct access to new keyword opportunities that are slated for targets in the future.

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