I’ve run thousands of campaigns and the lead generation cards drop and drop regularly. Even though it has a nice layout with customizable call-to-action buttons like “buy now” and all sorts of fancy bells and whistles, it looks more like an advertisement .  New Zealand Phone Number. Twitter users are allergic to advertising; when they see a Twitter ad it makes them want to click on it less! If something looks like an advertisement on Twitter, users will ignore you! This means lower engagement and 2-4x higher costs. New Zealand Phone Number . the twitter lead gen card problem Instead, you just need to attach a funny photo. Use images that have performed well organically to save money.

Razy About the Image New Zealand Phone Number

Be crazy about the image you choose. Don’t be afraid to be a little sarcastic or goofy. Use funny images or memesNew Zealand Phone Number., even if it means going a little off-brand. Twitter is a place where you’ll be rewarded if your brand shows it can have a little fun (with good taste, of course), or you’ll be ignored if you go fully professional. And of course, use emojis to New Zealand Phone Number further increase engagement rates by 30%. Step 5: Set bids – No automatic bidding allowed OK, first: never use Twitter’s automatic bidding. It’s for suckers. Twitter lead generation cards are a trap Automatic bidding ensures that your budget is spent very quickly.

It Helps You Win New Zealand Phone Number

New Zealand Phone Number List

Sure, it helps you win ad auc tions, but you don’t really need to win every auction or really want to win. Keep in mind this is not like search advertising where you bid on rare and priceless keywords that are searched 10 times a year. New Zealand Phone Number. This is display advertising and many advertising spots are available for purchase. Always use max bids. For most lead generation companies, it’s not the end of the world if the lead arrives tomorrow instead of today. The only time you would use autobidding is if you need to New Zealand Phone Number. promote something big and you need those ad impressions today (eg you have a 24 hour sale) or if you are targeting a very small audience, maybe 1000 people.

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