This is why, with each new collection and each new window, brands must reinvent themselves and tell new stories, which are part of the in-store marketing strategy. The American brand Macy’s, for example, has found a very interesting way to  Greece WhatsApp Number List  constantly renew its content by developing STORY , a concept that allows the brand to launch different themes and invite small local businesses to participate , by sharing and dynamically showcasing their merchandise. Adopt new technologies to forge a privileged customer relationship.

Today, it is easy to develop personalized solutions through data collection and analysis. Tags placed at store entrances connect to customers’ phones to ethically collect actionable data (name, email, birthday, location, brand affinities, social media influence, demographic data, etc.) and to send offers and discounts through push notifications . RFID tags help consumers identify items and gain information on price, collection, available sizes and colors, composition, manufacturing process, etc. When used in combination with other technologies, such as magnetic stripes, smart cards etc., they allow automatic identification and data capture, which allows the establishment of alternative payment processes and even the creation of cashless stores .

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Containment Has Suspended Normal Human Interactions,

In such an environment, where in-store marketing uses deeply technological solutions, one might think that traditional relationships with human agents are no longer necessary, but the truth is quite different. People add value to the shopping experience and help instill emotion and loyalty towards brands. It will only be necessary to ensure that the roles distributed are clearly defined and that they provide real added value. Finally, customer officers will be fully trained to embody the personality and values of the brand, and to place its marketing strategy in stores .

Engage every consumer by offering in-store personalization services. Source: in Baccarat stores, the brand allows customers to use a 3D configurator to design their own signature chandeliers and get a real-time 3D view of the end result. We showed in a recent article that personalization has taken on enormous importance in the eyes of customers : they expect brands to help them express their sense of style, while communicating their attributes and values ​​to them. This is how buyers can both desire the exclusivity of a Louis Vuitton bag while wishing to contribute to its creation process to give it the mark of their uniqueness.

In The First Half Of 2020, The Covid-19 Crisis Played A Catalytic Role In The Emergence Of New Digital Trends.

These are some of the reasons why the 3D lipstick configurator that we developed for Guerlain was able to double conversions and generate both traffic and record sales. To exploit these new consumer attitudes, brands have integrated personalization into their in-store marketing and transformed points of sale into personalization stores . A prime example of this approach is French crystal maker Baccarat. In its stores, Baccarat provides its customers with a 3D configurator to design their own signature chandeliers and obtain a real-time 3D view of the final result , taking into account the space they have and the style they want.

Express. This new possibility, which considerably enriches the overall in-store experience, has been acclaimed by customers, designers and architects. Another good example is Levi’s tailoring workshop where denim fans can customize their jeans on the spot. To consult references or to get an idea of ​​the final look of their choice, visitors can use the iPads provided and create the model that best expresses their personality. Create a dedicated space to educate potential consumers about the brand. Source: the Nike Sneaker Lab in the House of Innovation 000 One of the most notable advantages of physical stores is that they allow people to experience and try products before they buy them .

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