If you are a service requester: The concept is very simple and everything is automated! You fill in your expectations by filling out a form Now you just have to wait! It is StarOfService that contacts professionals who have the skills that match your request. The professionals will then contact you directly via the application and send you offers accompanied by price estimates. You choose the offer that suits you, and then you have access to the professional’s contact details . Note that opinions on these professionals are available to guide you in your choices.

The application also has a translation management system. If you are a professional: It’s the same principle but in reverse! You create Algeria Mobile Number List your account and you receive customer requests You select the queries you want to answer Then offer the requester an offer and a quote. And of course, to make everything easier, we have integrated a user geolocation system, which allows you to choose the professional or the client according to your needs, but also to their geographical location . Facilitate the communication of businesses: Too many big companies taking over? Do you feel overwhelmed by the competition as you excel in your field?


To Reach As Many People As Possible

Or are you convinced of the potential of a business that you do not however see evolving? Place2Biz See the best posts on Place2biz good plan application Make money with Place2biz Make a payment on Place2biz good deal app Discover the best addresses with Place2 biz good plan application See your turnover on Place2biz See your friends on Place2biz good plan application See the best posts on Place2biz See the best posts on Place2biz good plan application Make money with Place2biz Previous Following Now manage to increase your visibility through your own customers or influence AND monetize your influence! Place2Biz is a business influencer social network developed by Squirrel.

After making a purchase, post a photo on Place2Biz to encourage your friends to find the merchant in question. On your side, this allows you to “monetize” your influence. It is therefore an application that benefits, once again, both consumers and businesses and traders: Companies, for their part, increase their visibility, their sales and reduce their marketing communication expenses. Customers, for their part, proportionally monetize their influence by earning coupons available and usable on the app. They also offer discounts to their friends by redirecting them to Place2Biz partner businesses through the app. The possibility of paying directly via the app is also included (but not compulsory of course!).

This Is Why Axway Appcelerator Offers You The Design Of Cross- Applications. Platforms .

Created in 2001, Axway is one of the top 5 French software publishers. The company enables the digital transformation of companies . It provides software solutions and services in the fields: digital integration of business applications from Business to business supervision of business activities management of business procedures and service-oriented architecture. In 2017, Axway acquired the Appcelerator platform, an American company offering a mobile engagement platform through which companies can develop mobile projects. Summary What is mobile engagement? What does the Axway Appcelerator platform actually allow? Squirrel uses Axway Titanium What is mobile engagement? Mobile engagement is simply customer engagement , or its loyalty , through mobile devices.


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