There are around 4 million new Internet users every month! Internet is a communication network initially designed for adults, nowadays it is used more and more by children. Our toddlers were born with the Internet and surf with disconcerting ease on the web! Children are increasingly attracted to screens. What could be more normal, we are surrounded by screens of all sizes on a daily basis. internet use by children How has the Internet evolved? Researchers were working on a means of communication for military use in the United States, Arpanet ( Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ) was officially born in 1972, it brought together a set of computer networks, this was the beginnings of the Internet . The term “Generation I” or “Netgeneration” was coined by Bill Gates and refers to children born after 1994.

A jump in 2013, recent studies published by Ipsos (Marketing Opinion Media Surveys), in the United States, 82% of children and teenagers buy online with a credit card. In Europe, on average 3 in 4 children use the Internet daily. child_internet The disadvantages of overconsumption of the Internet Parents don’t necessarily know Bahamas Email List how to limit their children’s Internet use. The consequences translate into fewer hours of sleep. In some cases there is a breakdown in the dialogue or even frequent discord between parents and children, school failure can even follow if Internet consumption is not supervised. Teenagers spend an average of two hours a day on the Internet , 90% are members of a social network such as Facebook , 80% of them play online games.

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How and why is it used?

Some 12 to 16 year olds spend dozens of hours a day playing online games. windows-live-parental-control To help parents control their child’s Internet consumption , parental control software such as Windows Live Parental Control, allows you to remotely monitor and control the browsing of your dear darlings. However, this remains a real challenge for parents, especially since they become as connected as their children !!The QR Code was originally made up of black modules arranged in a square with a white background (or in colors). The arrangement of these modules or points define the information contained in the code. What does a QR Code contain? The content of a QRcode can be decoded quickly after being flashed by a barcode reader, a smartphone or a webcam, hence the abbreviation of QR: Quick Response.

Qr Code AntheDesign The main advantage is that it stores more information than a conventional one-dimensional barcode. It also stores data directly recognized by applications installed on the player. Flashing a QR code easily triggers actions like: visit a website, or make a phone call. Heineken QRcode Where is he from ? Well straight from Japan! It was developed and created by the Denso-Wave company in 1994 for the traceability of spare parts in Toyota factories. Denso Wave released it to the public under Free License 2 in 1999, then it was defined and published as an ISO 18004 standard in June 2000. The QR Code is widely used in its country of origin. According to a study carried out in August 2010 with a sample of 754 Japanese women, 90% of “housewives” scanned a QR Code while in France the general public began to discover it.

The disadvantages of overconsumption of the Internet

logoQImage QR codes are mostly read from a smartphone. Download the free application upstream. Then take a picture of the code to view its content. The code embeds: text (up to 500 words) an SMS or phone number (possibility of triggering a call) a website address (visiting a web page or launching a web application) and / or an email address (direct contact) a geographical point (possibility in terms of geolocation) Flash Qr Code This content may: be transferred, printed. Its use is free. Flashing a code also triggers actions like: payment by phone, a call, video viewing, sending an SMS … When it comes to writing a QR Code, many websites like Unitag generate QR codes freely and easily.

It’s up to you to test now! If you want a personalized QR code, you can use a web agency or a hairdresser according to your needs. Qr code nice It is increasingly needed in relationship marketing campaigns. The QR Code is incredibly effective if its use is well mastered. You just have to look around to see that you are starting to find it everywhere! It is now found on all types of communication media such as: the posters, packaging, information panels, flyers, catalogs … The possibilities of use in terms of marketing are impressive !!! bordeaux-qr-code Some numbers on the QR Code Knowledge rate of the QR code in France 89%, Penetration rate on billboards between 6.5% and 22% depending on the support, 85% press penetration rate.

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