The Internet SEO or the search engine optimization includes all techniques to achieve visibility objectives. What is internet referencing? For a website, good internet referencing is essential. A site that does not appear in Google’s results is an Catalan Email List almost invisible site. We will discuss in this article the two most used methods to make a site visible on Google. Paid referencing (SEA) or online advertising with Google AdWords , The SEO also known as SEO. Did you know that more than 93% of French Internet users type their queries on Google fr! Before doing ” paid referencing ” or ” natural referencing “, it is essential to set goals for yourself.

Some examples of objectives: Acquire traffic and multiply the number of visits to your website, Increase the turnover of an e-commerce site, Create visibility for a website on search engines, Communicate on the Internet to a new target of Internet users, Develop the popularity and notoriety of a natural or legal person, Manage and clean if necessary the e-reputation of a natural or legal person, … What all these goals have in common is increased visibility! Paid SEO So-called paid referencing is actually online advertising . Most often by passing the advertising agency of Google, Google AdWords . With Google AdWords, it is possible to place simple and effective ads first on Google.

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The objectives of internet referencing

How does Google AdWords work? The functioning of Google AdWords is based on an auction system on a list of previously chosen keywords . The chosen keywords should be highlighted in your ads and on your website. Your “AdWords ads” are displayed in the first results of Google when an Internet user searches for information or products related to your business. internet referencing AdWords ad – drone pilot trainingAdWords announcement from dronedecole fr and natural result on the drone pilot training request The AdWords program then prompts you to raise the bids on the keywords you want, the goal is always the same: to make your ad stand out in the first search results of Google. How to create your AdWords campaign? Creating and uploading a Google AdWords campaign is a priori accessible to everyone.

All you need to do is create an AdWords account, create your campaign, your ads and bring your blue. This is for theory. In practice, if you want to make your AdWords campaign profitable, you will need to define your budget, choose your keywords, write your ads and plan a successful landing page. Each of these parameters is important and requires skills rarely present in a VSE and not often in an SME. The creation and management of AdWords campaigns are often entrusted to web agencies or SEO agencies. 30% of Internet users click on AdWords ads your ads can be posted in less than 24 hours! Upload an AdWords campaign If you want to embark on the adventure of paid internet referencing on your own, here are some tips before putting your AdWords campaign online.

What is internet referencing and how to be first on google ?

1 – The objectives of the campaign It is important to clearly define your goals. Your goals will determine your campaign strategy. A sponsored links campaign can have an objective of visibility, traffic, or even acquisition (examples: sales, registrations). 2 – The choice of keywords It is important to reference all the keywords that a user might type if they are interested in what you are offering. The creation of your list of keywords is first and foremost the fruit of human thought. Online tools can also help you in building your list. 3 – Keyword targeting You have to define the targeting of your keywords. This targeting must be attributed to each keyword, it is essential to capture the desired traffic and reduce costs.

It is also possible to control the matchtype options of a keyword by: Correct : your ad will only appear when this keyword is typed, Expression : your ad will appear when this keyword is typed with terms before and / or after, Large : your ad will appear for all searches carried out using your keyword, with variants and synonyms, Large Modified : your ad will appear for all searches made using your keyword, but without synonyms. 4 – The budget You need to budget in line with your goals. The buying model for a sponsored link campaign is CPC (cost per click) . You only pay when the user is redirected to your website after clicking on your ad. A budget estimate is essential before launching your campaign. You need to know the overall average CPC estimate to define your daily budget to ensure visibility on Google.

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