Customers receive this email when they’ve been inactive for three times the average repeat purchase time. For example, if the average repeat purchase time is one month, Cameroon Phone Number  an inactive customer would receive this email after three months. The focal point of this email is the discount code offered to entice customers back to SpiritHoods store. The offer is time restricted, giving the shopper a Cameroon Phone Number sense of urgency and the expiration date is clearly shown underneath the main “Start Shopping” CTA. SpiritHoods also includes some recommended products in the email to entice the customer back to their store.

Building From The Start

When planning your ecommerce email campaigns, think about how you can use email. Marketing to re-engage inactive customers based on average repeat Cameroon Phone Number  purchase time. CART ABANDONMENT EMAILS 12. REISS CART ABANDONMENT EMAIL On average, about 70% of customers don’t purchase after putting an item in their cart.[*] Knowing that a high percentage of Cameroon Phone Number  their shoppers would abandon, Reiss has created cart reminder emails to show customers items left in their carts.

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Here’s an example:[*] Screenshot showing the cart page on Reiss The email features personalized touches such as. The shopper’s name Gender personalization Cameroon Phone Number  (shoppers see models of their own gender). Their full basket contents The email also includes clear Cameroon Phone Number  CTAs to entice the shopper to continue shopping or proceed directly to the checkout and complete their transaction. This cart abandonment email campaign generated great results for. Reiss:[*] 46% open rate 13% click rate 6% increase in sales 13. CATH KIDSTON CART ABANDONMENT EMAIL Cath Kidston,

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