Your articles should be 500 words or less!” But which sells more. To answer this, we looked at the mean word count of articles published by companies in the four Egypt Phone Number different revenue categories. Graph showing word count per article We found that million-dollar Egypt Phone Number companies seem to publish slightly longer articles. while other groups published fewer words per Egypt Phone Number article (somewhere between 890 and 1050 words (blue, yellow, and red bars). While we can’t be sure (from this analysis) that

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Longer content sells more, chances are pretty good that big companies aren’t just wasting. Their time and money by writing longer articles. It’s a good bet they know content marketing works and are building their empire one word at a time. Key takeaway: The most successful Egypt Phone Number companies write longer content (in the range of 1,250 words per article). THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ECOMMERCE COMPANIES DO CONTENT MARKETING DIFFERENTLY Seth Godin said. Content marketing is the only marketing left”.

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Instead of thinking you should Egypt Phone Number push out a bunch of short, 300-word blog posts and hunt for backlinks to prove to Google your content is worth ranking, emulate what the million-dollar businesses are doing. Seven-figure companies: Have more pieces of content online Egypt Phone Number Publish more frequently Create quality content that naturally attracts shares, and then backlinks Egypt Phone Number Focus on organic keyword opportunities, not clickbait for social traffic Publish longer content. In other words, they invest in content marketing because they know it pays dividends. And so should you.

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