Taste in some areas (think books, music, fashion, etc.). And, too much choice can be so overwhelming that no choice is made.[*][**] Websites use personalization to counter this problem but it’s not enough. Online shops have to select and curate products to keep their users’ attention. Spotify curates music with RapCaviar. Facebook curates your feed with algorithms. Tinder curates dates. Online retailers have to do the same. Amazon does it. Screenshot showing a small advert on amazon.com Alibaba does it.

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Screenshot showing alibaba.com But you can’t just say “here are some selected products”. Selected for who? Good curation comes from people (see Oprah on Amazon) Finland Phone Number or occasions: Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Black Friday, Single’s Day, etc. Etsy addresses occasions with dedicated landing pages, e.g. mother’s day.[*] This one alone ranks for 1,700 keywords and Etsy created over 600 of them.[*] Screenshot showing a landing page There’s another way to help consumers make

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A choice and get them hooked at the same time: discovery. In SEO, we’ve long distinguished between three user intents: Informational Transactional, and Navigational But now, I’d argue, we have a fourth intent: discovery. Sometimes, users don’t look for something specific. Rather, they just “browse” the web like going through a shopping mall without a specific need. Joe Tsai, co-founder and vice chairman of Alibaba. recently mentioned discovery being one of the key components of successful shopping

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