It is well received by Google’s SEO algorithm because it makes the site consistent. Google side The internal mesh favors the crawl of Google robots. Example : You have three liters of fuel (no more) to make a trip from A to B representing those three liters. What makes you happen to B? Direction signs. Well, the more relevant the indications Burundi Email List on these signs, the better your journey will be. You make your journey without incident and above all you arrive at B with your allocated quantity of fuel. Keep in mind that for Google bots, the pattern is the same. They have a crawl budget to scan the pages on your site . With internal meshing, you tell bots which direction to take so that they don’t waste time; their passages are optimized and your site is inspected from side to side.

hesitation of direction to take Like internal linking , netlinking is based on links. In this case, the links are embedded in articles on external pages and direct Internet users to the targeted site. Netlinking (link building) is applied to increase the number of backlinks directed to a site. This is a technique that Google pays a lot of attention to. The web giant’s PageRank tool scans sites to assess the amount of backlinks they have as well as the sites they come from. An authority score is established by the algorithm . Google places importance on sites that have backlinks from authority sites. Is considered authoritative, a site renowned for its articles which provides relevant and verified information to Internet users.

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The page load speed

To succeed in netlinking, go to authority sites with the same theme as yours . Please also diversify the sources of your backlinks.  When a page is slow to load, this is sufficient reason for an Internet user to leave your site. To improve SEO, you need to optimize page load speed. Google’s indexing robots consider loading time as a criterion for the ranking of sites in search results . The speed at which a web page loads impacts the user experience. It’s a bit like at the gas station: who is waiting patiently behind a vehicle when a place has just become available at pump n 1? Few or no one! We recommend that you use a tool like PageSpeed ​​Insights to gauge the load time on your site.

If this exceeds 3 seconds, the loading is then considered too slow and it will have to be corrected. A few tips like reducing image size and compressing HTML files are helpful in speeding up page loading. In case the slowness persists despite these actions, call on AntheDesign ! We will give you the benefit of our expertise. Mobile navigation, to improve the SEO of the site It was shown last year that 56% of internet traffic in the world is carried by smartphones and tablets, against 44% for computers. Mobile navigation is widely used and constitutes a lever on which to act to improve the SEO of sites. Restructuring your site to make it easily usable via mobile devices is a must if you haven’t already.

Another SEO lever: netlinking, capital for SEO

Google takes into account the needs of its users and gives good positioning to sites optimized for mobile. To comply with this trend and meet Google’s requirements, you have two options: The mobile Friendly which is to make available mobile content available on computer originally; The mobile-first which consists in creating a site specially for mobile navigation. Make your choice taking into account the browsing habits of your target: If your target audience is mostly young and made up of individuals, the ideal would be to go mobile-first. On the other hand, if you are targeting professionals, mobile-friendly should suffice to promote mobile browsing. Image optimization Images occupy an important place in the SEO of a site . The Google Images tool has its small success for visual-based searches.

Adding images to written content has become a rule to be observed on the sidelines of an SEO operation. To get the most out of the images, make sure they are of high quality. If you can, take pictures yourself that will perfectly illustrate your texts and have the merit of being unique. Otherwise, use the royalty-free image banks available on the internet such as: Fotomelia, Pixabay, Pixambo, Free Image… Referencing of images is necessary. To do this, you will need to give them titles and fill in the Alt tag. For example, to optimize the image of a dog in a garden, you can create a meaningful title like “garden dog”. As for the Alt tag, it is the alt text that is displayed when you hover the cursor over an image in web content. This description tells Google what the image represents.

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