The high-end watch brand Baume & Mercier has integrated a virtual fitting system into its multi-channel marketing strategy. The company wanted to convert visitors by encouraging them to co-design a watch from more than 2,000 possible combinations of different models, colors, textures, engravings, etc. After designing their watch, buyers are also encouraged to try it on their own wrists using Augmented Reality . This solution improved the digital shopping experience for customers and dramatically increased conversion rates. Learn more about this client project here .

70%: this is the percentage of millennials who report positive chatbot experiences. 57% of businesses agree that chatbots provide significant ROI with minimal effort. Source: Forbes , Accenture Dgital . Customization 40% of marketers Netherlands WhatsApp Number List report that in direct-to-consumer channels (such as e-commerce) personalization has a direct impact on maximizing sales, cart size and profits . 37% of them report increased sales and lifetime customer value through product or content recommendation. More than a third of respondents saw an increase in the frequency of transactions thanks to personalization strategies. Source: Forbes Insights .

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This Is Why In Such A Situation The Populations With Average Incomes

3D visualization and configuration tool for Guerlain lipsticks allowing users to create their signature lipstick, by choosing sizes, colors, cases, accessories, engraving of their initials, etc. More info . 29% of Americans have personalized clothing and footwear . Their 4 main motivations: to design something just for fun, to be proud of creation and design, to be creative, to stand out from the crowd. Source: Made to Order. 57.2% of millennials surveyed worldwide responded “Yes, absolutely! ” To the question” Would you be willing to pay more for a luxury item or high end custom mode? ” , And 35.2% answered” Maybe “. Source: Deloitte Bling it on 2017 .

These customization requirements have stabilized at high levels. The most sought-after characteristics are product configuration and tailor-made. Source: 2019 True – Luxury Global Consumer Insight 6th Edition . All of these figures confirm that luxury marketing has entered a race for innovation : new generation consumers are pushing brands to step out of their comfort zone and adopt new and exciting approaches . The time for 360-degree campaigns has come. To offer transparency, tell stories and stimulate engagement, we must now deploy advanced technologies: virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D product configurators and chatbots .

Make Purchases Of Luxury Products When They Consider It As A Long-term Investment

If you would like to discuss possible tactics, contact us and we’ll share our case studies, perspectives and ideas with you! Hapticmedia has been the industry leader for over 15 years. We have successfully collaborated with the biggest players: Guerlain, Kenzo, Nespresso, Baume & Mercier , Baccarat, Porsche, etc. Our goal is to bring you visible improvement! As noted above, the world’s 10 best luxury brands in 2019 are mostly established houses that consumers appreciate for their timeless values. However, each of them approaches the market in their own way.

Louis Vuitton, for example, maintains its tradition and core values while making sure to appeal to a younger audience with a touch of “ je ne sais quoi .” This manifests itself in innovation, partnerships, sponsorship and use of new marketing tools like VR and AR . Chanel is said to be the second largest luxury brand in the world, behind Louis Vuitton from LVMH and ahead of Gucci from Kering. The brand has invested heavily to meet the demands of customers of the “Millennium” generation. For example, in February 2018, Chanel announced a partnership with global e-commerce platform Farfetch with the aim of developing digital initiatives for personalized in-store experiences, enhancing the luxury shopping experience through commerce.

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