This “digitalization” is being pushed by the luxury houses themselves, who thus wish to be able to adapt more quickly to changes in the market. Cartier is also the main partner of the first Jewelry Design Bachelor with high digital added value, launched Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List by the Haute École de Joaillerie de Paris in early 2020. Image credit : Haute École de Joaillerie It would therefore seem that the computer is gradually finding its place in workshops alongside the watchmaker’s tweezers or the jeweler’s bocfil. In this new environment, the challenge for training organizations is twofold.

On the one hand, it is for them to support the transformation of traditional know-how towards new practices and, on the other hand, to promote the emergence of new manual trades of excellence resulting from the transmission of technology and ecological. They must also ensure the renewal of their equipment, which requires very significant investments to avoid obsolescence, but also update their skills and bring new expertise. The support of both public authorities and the private sector, in particular luxury houses, is therefore absolutely necessary for the digital revolution in the arts to continue smoothly. 3D printing: a real revolution in jewelry, but not only …

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In the world of jewelry, the arrival of additive manufacturing goes back almost 20 years. At the time, it was compared to the arrival of digital in photography. A revolution, therefore. In this universe, this technology has fully found its place. Without replacing the work of the craftsman, it has provided him with undeniable advantages in terms of time savings and economies of scale, particularly with regard to the manufacture of molds, a particularly time-consuming step. 3D printers have yet spilled much ink, accused of signing the death of small craftsmen. A prophecy which, for 20 years, has still not been fulfilled. 3D printing actually brings to the jeweler, increased creativity, but also gives him the opportunity to design unique and ultra personalized objects. CAD software is even able to suggest new wax casting models from a first shape.

Thanks to 3D printing, the lines are more and more elaborate, with a complexity that is often difficult to achieve with a manual process or which would take an infinite amount of time. Image Credit : Buzzwebzine , Maison 203 3D Handbag Image Credit : Maison 203 3D Printed Necklace And jewelers are not the only ones to be tempted. The Maison 203 studio , specializing in the creation of fashion accessories printed in 3D, launched last year a very successful designer handbag, made using this technique. For its part, Ica & Kostika unveiled a collection of luxury 3D printed shoes, Exobiology , with original lines to say the least.

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As for Julia Daviy , a fashion pioneer who pushes 3D creation a little further each year in her collections, she is at the origin of a fully customizable, zero waste skirt . Image Credit : 3D Printed Dress , Julia Davvy In the workshops, we now see the appearance of 3D scanners, high-precision machines capable of scanning a piece of jewelry, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace and of reproducing it, or even of creating a new object from it. Another novelty is 4D printing , which will allow, tomorrow, to explore an additional dimension, that of time. Indeed, the objects created via this process will be able to transform according to the context (hot, cold, humid…), thanks to programmable materials (cellulose fibers).

The gesture of the craftsman enhanced by new technologies However, digital tools will never replace manual mastery, which remains at the heart of the craft of the craftsman. The latter must therefore learn to handle the mouse as well as the file or the blowtorch! CAD or CAD type software is above all aids to design and modeling. They allow you to modify a piece of jewelry in a few clicks, to test colors, shapes, additions, materials, and therefore to change the piece as it is being made. Where 20 hours were necessary to make a first model of jewelry by hand, 5 hours are now sufficient. Image credit : The Mediapart club The impact that technologies will have on the crafts is obvious and represents a challenge as perilous as it is exciting for these professionals.

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