Reviews are amazingly powerful, and a Chile Phone Number  well-placed customer quote could be the difference between making a sale and missing out. WHISKEY LOOT CART ABANDONMENT EMAIL Whiskey Loot is a whiskey subscription service. That sends customers the best Chile Phone Number  new whiskey samples each month. When shoppers abandon their Whiskey Loot cart, they receive a Chile Phone Number  super-fun, engaging email. Screenshot showing a reminder email The email opens up with a list of 10 things the customer could do with their Whiskey

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Loot subscription, to help them make up their mind about the purchase. Much like the Away example above, Whiskey Loot uses their emails as a way to showcase its Chile Phone Number  fun, unique brand style. It also contains some important FAQs and a product screenshot to show what Chile Phone Number  the customer will be purchasing. The solo “Treat Yourself” CTA in the email takes the customer Chile Phone Number  back to their basket so they can check out and complete the sale. When putting together a cart abandonment email, include reasons why your customer

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Should complete the purchase and Chile Phone Number  have a clear CTA that takes them back to the checkout. FEEDBACK AND REVIEW EMAILS 16. Chilly’s is a bottle company with a mission to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. Reviews are quite important for Chilly’s as a way to build trust with new website visitors through social proof. And are featured quite prominently. On their homepage: Screenshot showing reviews for a website Chilly’s use email as a key channel to

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