A large number of solutions allowing to increase the traffic of Internet sites exist however none of them is called ‘miracle’. Which are the most effective? Let’s see this together!  Even if it seems obvious, the content and the terms discussed on your site have a huge impact on its traffic. Indeed, if Internet users consult your site and find the information in the blink of an eye, then they will probably come back and recommend your site to their acquaintances, which will increase the popularity of your platform! Think about what you could modify / add to boost this ( see our article )! Also note that the time when search engines only read “keywords” are over which means being precise and consistent when writing articles! For more technical information and to stay up to date, we also advise you to consult the W3C standard .

Another very important criterion for increasing your traffic is to make your website accessible to all types of individuals. Whether it is natural persons or machines (crawlers) think about it correctly (see our article on site optimization)! Your site Peru Email List must also be accessible from all internet browsers used to date. So take care to check the compatibility of the latter on Internet Explorer / Edge, FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera. If your content is not displayed correctly, then think about resolving these concerns as soon as possible in order to guarantee the best user experience ! Finally, for each of these browsers, test the “ responsive design ” aspect !

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Site optimization

Change the definition of your browser window to check that your pages are always readable and correctly presented on all media (smartphones, tablets, and pc). This work is long and tedious, but if it is not done correctly the sanction is immediate. Manual referencing: Manually reference your site on specialized platforms (online directories and search engines)! Directories are rather easy to find on the web, however, be extremely careful with their trust-flow rate . The latter aims to inform you about the quality of the platforms you want to use. The usefulness of directories is to get backlinks . This is one of the many criteria put forward by search engines. The procedure for registering sites is carried out rather quickly, however, the time for their indexing is extremely variable.

Allow 30 days on average. Newsletter: In order to increase your traffic, there is the possibility of opening a newsletter to which your visitors can subscribe. They will thus be notified of the existence of your site and the services it offers neither too often nor too little. Regularly sending an informative email to your subscribers is a good thing, but make sure that they respect the principles set out in the laws against SPAM or spam (sending unsolicited emails) is prohibited. Signature of emails Finally, if you send a lot of emails, insert an automatic signature containing the url of your site. People who are curious or interested in your projects will likely click on them which will generate traffic. You can even make his job easier by giving him the address of the sitemap.

Site content and keywords

Several extensions can help you create a more or less elaborate sitemap, such as Yoast SEO or Google XML Sitemap. Step 7: Optimize Your Robots.txt File To put it simply, the robots.txt file is used to indicate to crawlers, like the Googlebot, the pages of the site that it can or cannot crawl. Banning the crawling of certain pages will allow you to improve your crawl budget ( crawl budget). You can, for example, exclude certain pages such as the legal notice or the privacy policy, or even back office pages. Yoast allows you to edit this file in SEO> Tools> File Editor. However, this requires having some technical skills, better to call a professional. wordpress referencing robots.

txt file Last step of WordPress SEO: install a cache management extension A cache extension will improve the loading time of the site, a crucial variable in SEO. Put simply, caching allows you to generate a static version of your site when a visitor first arrives on it. This version will be presented to him on his next visit. The page is displayed more quickly. The plug-in cache also allow minifier (otherwise-known compress), and merge your HTML, CSS and Javascript so they load faster. Many of these plugins include a fairly complete and easy to configure free version, such as Performance Swift or WP Super Cache. WordPress SEO is relatively easy to do for these first 8 steps. To go further in WordPress SEO, we advise you to entrust your WordPress to a WordPress SEO agency .

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