It precisely encompasses all the elements necessary to offer an immersive experience: lighting effects, angles, textures, colors, shades, etc. A high-end, well-executed 3D model can be viewed from different angles and offers a 360 ° perspective. Kenzo uses 3D visualization and configuration technology to better present the product and offer Belgium WhatsApp Number List online personalization to customers. Solution created by Hapticmedia . According to scientists, the human brain processes visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. And in fact, 80% of all information processed by our brain is visual.

A growing number of companies are investing in 3D visualization technology to provide a better digital shopping experience and to compensate for the lack of touch and feel which is the major drawback of e-commerce and which inhibits many online shopping. Trend n ° 3: Consumers are looking for products that arouse emotions and bring added value to their relationships. In their constant search for meaning, and to increase their privacy, consumers are abandoning products that only represent their way of life. They now prefer tailor-made and personalized items. Each purchase must have an emotional added value, both for the buyer and for the recipient.

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Locks Are Now Part Of Everyday Life For Consumers.

Especially during these holidays, the products offered as gifts must be a symbol of relationship and express closeness. That is why the products must stand out with a unique touch. Tip: add personalization to your products. Made-to-measure and personalized products are the hit of this season. Brands must offer personalization services that will make each gift an unforgettable experience, both for the buyer and for the recipient. According to Forbes Insights, 40% of marketers report that personalization has a direct impact on maximizing sales, cart size, and profits in direct-to-consumer channels. 37% of them report increased sales and lifetime customer value through product recommendations or generated content.

More than a third of respondents have seen an increase in the frequency of transactions thanks to personalization strategies. Simplified 3D visualization demonstration provided by luxury brand Lolo Chatenay and tech startup Hapticmedia. 3D Product Configurators, like the one we developed for Lolo Chatenay, are a great way to improve your retail game and make your store stand out with customers. The 3D configurator is the interactive tool powered by live 3D models that allows customers to customize products according to their wishes.

Although The Movement Is Led By Big Players, Newcomers Are Also Getting Involved

They can indeed modify their product and receive live cost estimates based on customizations, which generates a more engaging customer relationship. With this service, customers can experience the product from all angles and customize all of its attributes: texture, color, etc. Customers can see your product transform in real time from any device without using any plugins. In this way, consumers can create unique products for their loved ones and give them unforgettable gifts. Trend # 4: Physical stores need to ensure security while delivering engaging experiences.

Consumers are not ready to return to the shopping routines of 2019, so retailers need to add additional health safety measures to their physical stores . It will be necessary to organize the spaces taking into account COVID-19, while keeping the festive spirit alive. One of the actions retailers are taking is using digital tools like in-store cameras to help manage traffic and wait times in real time. They are also moving to a contactless shopping experience, including virtual locker rooms, beacons, 3D product viewers, cashless payment methods, and more. ; in short, everything you need to ensure safe and efficient purchases, with little or no human interaction.

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