In these cases, you should then use automatic bidding – or simply bid very high. twitter auction OK Oman Phone Number., so how the hell do you set bids? It’s really complicated – it’s almost rocket science. You must use The Force. Basically, you’re trying to get as many impressions as possible for as little money as possible. If you bid too low, your ads will not show. But if you bid too high, your budget will die. When your bid is too high, you are essentially Oman Phone Number. paying for premium air service the next day when usually (99% of the time) a normal postage stamp is sufficient. You pay much more for the same clicks in order to be delivered faster.

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Twitter  how your audience changes with different max bid amounts. twitter lead generation reach calculator Ignore! Ignore! Ignore! It is completely false. Even when he says I won’t get any impressions, I get millions of impressions .  Oman Phone Number. He is simply trying to get you to raise your bids. I reverse-engineered ad auctions on Twitter. Basically, Twitter determines to Oman Phone Number whether or not your ads show based on your effective CPM. (Your applicable maximum auction times, expected engagement rate). So if your bid is $1 per click and you run a click campaign using an ad that has an average click-through rate of 1%, your estimated effective CPM is $10.

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To  auctions, you have two choices: either bid more or post more engaging offers. I love promoting high engagement tweets (15%+ engagement rate) with very low max CPCs (5-10 cents).Oman Phone Number.  The higher the engagement, the less you’ll have to bid for your ads to run. Step 6: Report, Rinse, Repeat Your final step is to figure out how things happened. Oman Phone Number. You can get detailed information on what exactly happened after spending money on Twitter ads: clicks, retweets, followers, conversions, etc. Twitter Lead Gen Card Reports In the campaign above, you can see that we were able to generate 440 downloads for just $6.50 per action.

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