Amikasa goes even further: in addition to the classic display of products, the brand also allows its customers to customize products, for example to choose their color and texture, then to visualize the appearance of their future purchase in their interior, alongside the Singapore WhatsApp Number List already existing decoration. Potential benefits for customers In a 2019 article, Radu and Schneider note that augmented reality can have a variety of applications in e-commerce, especially due to its ability to represent 3D objects in the real world .

Presenting a product in interactive 3D through augmented reality improves customer engagement by displaying the digital version of that product in a real environment. Augmented reality can also be a huge time saver for customers, as it allows them to test multiple products through a tool such as an app and thus decide which one is best for them without having to try it out directly. . Thanks to this technology, e-commerce sites can also offer their customers the possibility of customizing or personalizing their products online , and thus create their own designs as closely as possible to their needs. This technology is also put into practice in the e-commerce sector through digital marketing .

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Emerging Ai And Cloud Enabled Technologies,

In this case, the physical object is accompanied by additional information in the form of an image, a few lines of text or a video. Several companies in the luxury industry have successfully adopted this new marketing trend alongside Snapchat. Example of augmented reality Let’s take another example of augmented reality integration on an e-commerce platform: that of Baume, a high-end watch brand. Baume currently offers its customers an integrated 3D configuration tool created by Hapticmedia, which showcases products in interactive 3D and allows users to customize their purchase and create their unique watch design.

Augmented reality: definition, applications, advantages, examples 3 Source: official website Baume, Hapticmedia Among the options available, it is possible to customize the design of the frame, colors, dial, style of hands and the inscription on the back of the case, with a total of more than 2000 possible combinations. In addition, the brand also gives customers the opportunity to virtually try the custom watch on their wrist using a paper strap. This practice dramatically improves the shopping experience for customers by involving them in the design process, while incurring very little additional cost to the business.

As Soon As They Make Their Way Into Ux Design, They Will Dramatically Improve Its Efficiency.

Marie Chassot, director of Baume , says of the project: “The results of these technological innovations are astounding: a 3D rendering almost identical to that of the physical watch, perfect fluidity facilitating the ergonomics of the configurator and the augmented reality bracelet allowing our customers to try on their watch without having it physically. Hapticmedia understood our needs, both in terms of design and customer experience, and developed them with great ingenuity!

” Conclusion Augmented reality is a rapidly growing technology dedicated to phenomenally transforming the e-commerce industry and improving interaction with consumers. Customers, especially those in the high-end market, are more inclined to test advanced technologies in order to make their shopping experience more attractive. They expect brands to be attentive to their requirements thanks to emerging technologies such as augmented reality. Companies that have already adopted this type of technology have proven that augmented reality offers an effective solution to increase their competitive advantage and, ultimately, their turnover, by improving customer engagement and the shopping experience.

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