During this 5-week competition, fans remained online for over a billion hours , making it the largest tournament of 2019 in terms of live audiences on Twitch and YouTube. The finals were broadcast in 16 languages ​​on more than 20 platforms and reached 21.8 million AMA / Average Audience Per Minute . This industry has grown to such an Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List extent that esports influencers are also starting to take hold . They are primarily content creators who engage enthusiasts on social media or through podcasts and streaming. They leverage their skills and expertise by teaching tips and tricks or simply posting their reviews and comments.

Esports: a thriving industry with $ 1 billion in revenue and a fan base of 5 million According to Newzoo’s 2020 Global Esports Market Report , global esports is expected to reach $ 1.1 billion in 2020, up from $ 950.6 million in 2019. The same source notes that the global number of esports players will reach 495.0 million in 2020 , of which 222.9 million are enthusiasts. These players generated an average income of $ 4.80 per person in 2019. Again, the biggest market is China. This country alone generated revenue of $ 326.2 million in 2019, followed by North America ($ 252.8 million) and Western Europe (201.2 millions of dollars).

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List of the most popular esports genres with great marketing potential The main genres of video games are MOBA (Online Multiplayer Battle Arena), First Person Shooter (FPS), Combat, Card Games, Strategy (with RTS / Realtime Strategy subdivision) and TBS / turn-based strategy) and Battle Royale. Source: League of Legends is the most popular video game. When it comes to franchises, the most popular names are League of Legends (MOBA), Dota 2 (MOBA), Counter-Strike (FPS), Fortnite (battle royale), Call of Duty (FPS) and Overwatch (FPS) .

All of these games have millions of amateur players and thousands of professional players taking part in award winning challenges. Dota 2, for example, a video game released in 2013, has since distributed nearly $ 227.5 million in prizes in more than 1,400 tournaments to its community of more than 3,800 professional players, making it the most awarded video game. The second position is occupied by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was released in 2012 and has distributed over $ 102 million in over 5,200 tournaments. Esports Audience: Do Marketers See an Opportunity? 1. Over a billion spectators Esport isn’t just about gamers.

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According to the Global Digital Statshot Q3 2019, published by Data Reportel, We Are Social, and Hootsuite, nearly one billion people around the world watch video game tournaments . This is an annual increase of almost 50%. 2. Young, diverse and digital native With over 22% of internet users reporting watching esports competitions, it is clear that the target audience for this industry is in many ways diverse . There are, however, similarities and patterns that allow marketers to identify opportunities. Information gathered around the world shows that esports fans are predominantly Gen Z and Millennials : young consumers with a passion for digital tools and technologies.

When it comes to age distribution, 32% of those who watch esports are between 16 and 24 , 30% are between 25 and 34, and 19% are between 35 and 44. 3. Mainly men, for more than half of the Asia-Pacific region, but attracting increasing interest from women They are mostly highly educated men (70%) , according to McKinsey. But women are increasingly interested in video games and electronic sports. As a Newzoo report shows, 46% of enthusiasts in the larger category of games are enthusiasts. In addition, around 55% of the players are in Asia-Pacific. It is also the region experiencing the fastest rate of increase according to the Newzoo 2020 Global Games Market Report . 4. A very active audience Esports fans are very active and very involved.

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