If your client has a Pinterest for Business account, try using Promoted Pins to discover new keywords. Egypt Phone Number. Clay recommends running a Promoted Pin campaign and selecting the pin that best represents your primary terms. From there, plug in a pin-related term. Pinterest will then spit out a list of related topics that can spark great ad group/keyword ideas. pinterest promoted pins topic. . This tactic is useful because it doesn’t just provide semantic variations of your seed keyword. It also includes terms that users associate with that word, giving you insight into what your audience cares about.

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Do a little brainstorming on these terms and you’re sure to come up with some unique new keywords! . Access Your Shopping Search Query Reports shopping campaigns At WordStream, we’re big proponents of using search term reports to generate new keyword and negative to Egypt Phone Number keyword ideas. In fact, we even have a tool that helps you do this task more efficiently! You can certainly use this tactic to create existing ad groups, but when it comes to e-commerce PPC accounts, Nic recommends paying close attention to the search queries of your Shopping campaigns.

Try Using Promoted Pins to Discover New Egypt Phone Number

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Remember that Shopping campaigns only work based on product feed, rather than keyword groupings. Egypt Phone Number. However, Google tracks a list of queries that trigger the ads. Check this list regularly to identify top-performing search queries. Then insert the main terms into the Keyword Planner to confirm that they have sufficient volume. If so, they’re probably worth adding to your search ad groups. This list is sure to give. Egypt Phone Number. you a head start the next time you’re faced with keyword research for a new e-commerce client. What other proven tactics do you use to build retailer keyword lists?

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