In addition, the analysis of the decision-making process and the customer journey allows companies to measure the success of each influencer and to make this influencer-agency-brand relationship more transparent and better manageable. Dos and don’ts TO DO Include influencers in a more complex marketing strategy that combines Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List storytelling, sharing of personal experiences, education and consumer information. Choose influencers who match your brand’s values ​​and audience. Use ephemeral content from stories to suggest authenticity.

Adopt data analytics to monitor influencer campaigns. Implement new tools to boost word-of-mouth. NOT TO DO Don’t just focus on celebrity influencers because their price / conversion percentage is not always optimal. Don’t try to control their tone of voice and the way they approach their own audience. Do not disdain nano or micro-influencers because they often have a better engagement rate. Remember to set clear goals and connect to campaigns. Don’t do it as a one-off action. Contact Hapticmedia and immediately deploy a technology that will boost your sales With more than 10 years of experience, Hapticmedia is a leader in the industry of 3D configurators combined with augmented reality technologies .

Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

Additionally, Cpq Software Reduces Human Resource Costs

As our collaborations with Guerlain and Kenze demonstrate, our solutions offer your customers a unique and active online shopping experience during which they can configure and personalize their products directly on your web e-commerce platform. Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of a dedicated demonstration and request an estimate for a 3D configurator tailored to your image. Adopting this strategy, Fabletics, the brand born online of sportswear from actress Kate Hudson, has also taken to the streets of the United States. Drew Green, CEO of the largest bespoke costume maker, INDOCHINO, points out that when it comes to customer acquisition, online-only businesses face higher costs than those with physical locations, which are capable of attracting shoppers and even becoming destination points for tourists.

Further, it confirms that consumers who access both online and offline channels generate more sales. “ In a market where we have a showroom, our online sales are growing twice as fast as in a market where we don’t, ” he said in an interview with CBC News Canada. Indeed, physical stores, explains retail expert Doug Stephens, should not be evaluated on the basis of their sales alone but also their media value , as physical environments expose consumers to messages in more controllable ways. .

Enables Integration With Other E-commerce Platforms And Applications To Provide More Functionality To Users.

As mentioned in another article we published, physical locations are extremely valuable in omnichannel strategies that aim to cover every step of the customer journey to generate a meaningful and memorable experience that leads to conversion. A lesson from Neiman Marcus’ bankruptcy: digitization Digital and physical channels must operate cooperatively and independently As research shows, omnichannel consumers generate a higher ROI . Those who buy luxury goods both in stores and online spend up to 4 times as much .

For this to happen, each channel must operate cooperatively, at the best parameters . Despite their efforts to invest in technology for a better experience, big retail brands like Neiman Marcus are struggling to embrace digitalization . In 2017, the company was struggling to implement a cross-channel merchandising system, which resulted in a significant loss of $ 55 million to $ 65 million . Another important aspect that marketers should take into account is that each marketing channel should be viewed as a separate business division and be able to operate independently , even though in today’s landscape they are very closely related.

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