More than half of the companies surveyed agreed that a chatbot offers a significant return on investment with minimal effort and a similar percentage identifies Artificial Intelligence as a relevant tool for creating a “customer-centric culture” . Plus, its conversion potential is huge: Hubspot reports that 47% of respondents to its survey said they were open to buying items using a chatbot . Digital first companies have better results. When it comes to marketers, an Adobe study shows that 50% of client-side respondents planned to increase customer experience technology applications, and digitally-driven companies were 64% more likely to have exceeded their 2018 sales targets by a significant margin.

Advanced technologies like Big Data are transforming the way businesses operate and communicate. Quick and precise anticipation for better customer privacy It is in such a context that we can understand how consumers take power and position Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List themselves at the heart of luxury marketing. Thanks to digital tools, they now have the ability to actively participate in the brand’s activities, share and even create content. A client-to-client economy is emerging: going beyond the status of mere spectators, they are turning into real marketing channels.

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This Is Why A Growing Number Of Luxury Brands Are Joining The Movement

Additionally, using data analytics and contextual marketing, brands build intimacy and better anticipate customer desires – powerful ways to retain acquired customers and drive growth by recruiting new ones. But what exactly can brands count on? According to Deloitte, consumers don’t want monitoring or tracking , as 35% of respondents refuse to share their browsing history with businesses. What do they want brands to know instead? 75% expect brands to know why they bought the product 49% expect brands to know how long they have been a customer 52% expect brands to know how satisfied they are with the product 57% expect brands to know their customer service history One of the best practices to study in this area is that of Montblanc.

Together with RetailNext, the company uses video analytics to map how customers spend their time in its stores . This allowed him to identify the best areas for product placement and generate 20% more sales . Yet in the Luxe 4.0 model, consumers demand that brands respect their privacy and use their information respectfully. That’s why, according to Adobe, proactive companies will need to pay close attention to risk assessment. Personalizing data that does not violate privacy will be a major challenge for 36% of agency professionals surveyed. Role of the martech: how to take advantage of Luxe 4.0 Like all industrial revolutions that came before it, Industry 4.0 will dramatically increase humanity’s ability to create products, ship them around the world, and improve the customer experience.

Allowing Buyers To Transform Their Iconic Products Into Unique Pieces .

But in addition to considerable gains in automation and productivity, it offers possibilities for customization until now inconceivable. Thanks to the current incredible proliferation of innovations , the fields of biotechnology, energy storage, quantum computing, 3D technology, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, materials science will experience new developments. spectacular progress. Through digitization, mass customization, flexible production, 3D configuration and virtual reality, companies are now able to increase their profit margins while improving the customer experience .

It is Hapticmedia’s vocation to support brands in their transition to Luxury 4.0. And like the companies that have adopted Industry 4.0, the brands that can take advantage of all the new technological possibilities will reap rich benefits. Contact Hapticmedia now, and like our clients Guerlain, Kenzo, Nestlé , reap the tangible results of our experience and our know-how.dence , as well as documentation and support so that they can use the services without difficulty.

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